What films have you started and given up on?

I’m one of those people who starts something then has to finish it but not

Transcendence - tried this twice and gave up both times. One of the dullest things I’ve seen.

The Irishman - tapped out not long after the fight scene outside the shop. Wasn’t watching another 3 hours or so of that. Found it also really dull

I have also started and not finished The Thin Red Line and To Live And Die In LA but not for quality reasons, will revisit them (been saying this for about 10 years)

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I normally do. I once stopped Miller’s Crossing after about 3 minutes cause my brain simply wasn’t up for the fast gangster dialogue

Watched it fully a couple of weeks later and yeah probably my least favourite Coens film

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Serenity - heard wild things about the ending, but wasn’t about to sit through two hours of whatever that was to get there

Thor Ragnarok. Heard a lot of ‘it’s not like the other marvel films’ chat and liked hunt for the wilderpeople so we gave it a go. Tapped out after 15 minutes

Love, No Country For Old Men, Titanic.

Oh just a million things on Netflix, like countless bad films that I’m only half watching anyway and then turn off after 15 - 20 minutes

Think there is more stuff on Netflix that I’ve sacked off than finished

Sometimes even get to about 15 minutes from the end and then just turn it off

No investment at all :+1:

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I think it’s one of my favourites!


So many films - I’m don’t necessarily have to see something through. Think the last one was the Ronaldo documentary on Netflix which I watched a surprising amount of and then came to my senses.

Netflix really is chewing gum for the eyes.

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If I press play it’s getting finished


Confirms my Coens theory

Everyone thinks they’re hit and miss, but there’s no consensus as to which is which

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Have a 20-30 minute rule. Give up after that if something is obviously awful.

Privelige of watching stuff online I know but can’t deal with watching hours of rubbish anymore

All misses

The McConaughy/Hathaway one?

Yeah that wasnt worth it

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Good theory!

All of them.

You’ve started every film!

Would I lie to you Aggers?

Turned off Chef with ten minutes left. Just fully CBAd

Didn’t see a question mark in my post