What have you got on in the car?

Aware this is a niche middle of a Venn diagram between DiS users who drive and DiS users who listen to CDs, but what the hell.

Current lay of the land. Manipulator this morning, what a great album that is.

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Spotify - 60%
Podcasts - 15%
Live sports commentary - 15%
6music - 5%
Kisstory - 5%

Sorry we don’t have a CD player but I wanted to get involved

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I would have to say that 60% of my car time is also Spotify, but I do like throwing CDs on.

Haven’t got digital radio in the car so it’s just the odd bit of the football when it’s on/I care.

We don’t have a cd player either. All off the phone. Apple Carplay is crap as well.

Yeah my partner has an iPhone and I’m on android and the android auto app/interface is so, so, so much better

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I have only listened to the history of England podcast in the car for at least the last year. Haven’t done much driving though.

Bizarrely, the CD player is in the glove box so it’s impossible to swap album when driving, so I don’t bother

Not leaving my CDs in the car! That’s valuable good just asking to get pinched.

I do only listen to CDs in the car tho, except when something good is on Radio 3. Different CDs each time, probably mostly Charli XCX because she’s my favourite and makes songs about cars and driving.

I also like to WFH because I have a CD player at my desk, got The Black Parade on right now in fact.

Cat stereo is fucked and 800 dollars for a new one :sob:

All of the CDs in that middle bit (the generally ‘90s’ selection) have been in there since I moved out of my flat (2 and a half years ago) :smiley: Always have a big haul in there, they only come out when the car gets serviced as they valet it.

They’ll get pinched now.

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I’m intellectually aware that nobody steals CDs from cars in the year 2021 CE, but a childhood’s worth of memories of people being pissed off all their CDs were robbed or the whole car was robbed and their good CDs were in it has left me emotionally incapable of not taking all my CDs out the car with me each time.

“(CLEAR!) All of your CD rack
Won’t get none of your CD’s back”

My car is extremely old, so I actually have a tape player rather than a CD player in there. Fortunately I have many tapes, a mixture of random old music from street finds / charity shops and noise / drone / experimental / etc tapes. I also have a bluetooth version of one of those fake-tape adaptors, so can also play music off my phone. It’s pretty good actually, tapes make a lot of sense for driving.

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That IS old. I’m a bit envious, I would absolutely be spending my evenings making car tapes.

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I have an 11 minute drive for the school run, so it is normally 22 minutes of whatever Cane and Rinse episode I’ve got on the go

I haven’t had cds in the car for years. My current car doesn’t have a cd player - bluetooth only (or radio, but I don’t even think it’s tuned into anything right now). My previous car did a cd player, but I just played music off my phone anyway.

My other half has radio 2 on in her car, and MY GOD some of the dross that gets played

I have a bunch of cds in the pockets, but has been so long since I’ve listened to them I have no idea what they are.

Oh except I randomly decided to pop one in the other day - it was Master of Reality by Black Sabbath and it was excellent.


Stopped working a while back, think it might just be a fuse but I can never be bothered to do anything with the car. Probably just take a Bluetooth speaker with us when we next do a long journey. Always used to be a good opportunity to listen all the way through big compilations.

What I do have, even though it’s a long time since I had cds or even tapes, is playlists of all the old compilations I made to go in the car / walkman, going back to about 1995.There are some “misses” on the older ones, but it’s reassuring to know that my taste wasn’t too bad even from a young age

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“Hey mercedes play Lorde”

And it plays lorde. It’s great