What product keeps you loyal to your online shop

If you are loyal that is.

I was always an ASDA girl but these days the only place I can get onion bagels from is Sainsburys, so I guess now they own my soul.

Don’t think I’ve ever done a shop online.


I would like to take this chance to air my grievances over the fact that when Jamie Oliver used to advertised for sainsbos I assumed that meant they were the kind of fancier shop that had more of your recipe book sort of ingredients and maybe had a better choice of wines and that.

This is NOT the case and I am grieved.

(Willing to accept it may have been the case pre brexit)

^this. Quite like the chore of visiting a shop for shopping. Except when I’m assaulted in public


Sainsburys Taste The Difference kievs.

Definitely more range the Asda. My closest supermarket is Asda so normally end up there but Sainsbos up the road is far far better.

Never done an online shop. I wouldn’t ever leave the house if I did that.

Definitely NOT the M&S soya milk, which is much worse than the Waitrose one that Ocado used to deliver.

I wouldn’t do online if I could go shopping without M but its a nightmare and the only time I’d get tto go would be close to her bedtime which feels even more cursed of she’s tired. Plus the idea is I meal plan and buy only what I need but obviously I do that then spend even more money still buying stuff on an ad hoc daily basis because I get a craving for a particular meal and all my delivered food just sits in the fridge judging me

Staff discount

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I did my first online shop for a while this week so that I could buy loads of tins and booze without wrecking my wrists or dropping it on the way home.

Sainsbos definitely better quality than Asda but I normally go to Tesco because it’s 10 mins away. That said the Nissin demae ramen (beef or sesame) for 55p are awesome and I’ve only found them in the big Sainsbury’s… But tesco does better egg custard tarts

Now that I can’t get Waitrose sugar free ginger beer from Ocado, I ask myself this question every day

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I no longer do online supermarket shops. But the local Sainsbury’s Local has good like at till chocolate/snack selection including Rhythm 108 bars which rarely see at other supermarket places.

When there was a problem with our Ocado order and it wasn’t clear if it was actually going to be delivered, I booked a backup Waitrose delivery for the next day. Ended up not cancelling the slot and got 15 litres of the sugar free ginger beer and one of every vegan cheesecake slice to make up the minimum order.

And I’d do it again

I enjoy the Tesco sugar free giner beer that comes in a 4 pack of cans.

This was my main reason for always using Ocado in the past.

Mix it up a bit now - Sainsbo’s, Morrisons, Ocado, even went to Tesco last week. Sometimes have it delivered, sometimes do click and collect, sometimes go shopping properly.

I used to buy loads of stuff from Holland & Barratt online because I used their energy drink powder but then they changed it and now I don’t shop there as much.

They send me vouchers every so often asking if I want to come back so I use the vouchers and then go back to ignoring them like a horrible ex-boyfriend.

Anyone keeping a spreadsheet of the middle class types who use Ocado?

It’s not really a product as such, but it’s always such a ballache negotiating a new supermarket with its own online shopping portal and own brand goods, and not knowing whether they’re going to stock something I know I can usually get from my usual supermarket.

That said, I did a Morrisons click and collect a couple of times on holiday and it was a revelation!

I can promise you, whoever is picking your shopping has no incentive to offload crap produce onto you. They absolutely do not care about getting rid of anything that’s going off, it’s just not their problem, so there’s no reason for them to select it for you.

What I would say is that they are working quickly and don’t know your preferences, so they won’t be examining the broccoli for bugs as thoroughly as I would for myself, won’t be comparing your bananas to a pantone colour chart for the exact shade of yellow you like, etc.

They’re also going to give you the exact product you ordered if they can, so if you order satsumas and there’s one bag left and they’re ok but maybe on their last legs, you’ll get the satsumas, wheres in the shop you might decide that those oranges there look much nicer and choose them instead.


i like morrisons for the semolina

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