What's the best Melvins album?




This thread won’t get the numbers it deserves but the answer is difficult.

I don’t think many will agree but I think Stoner Witch.


Lysol. Close the thread now.


Probably a mainstream option but I’ve always liked Houdini.


Nobody’s gonna say the same one are they?




Can I shock you?

I agree.


I really like The Bride Screamed Murder (let’s ignore the embarrassing My Generation cover), but I reckon it’s because I got into them with the Senile Animal/Nude With Boots/that one run.


Yeah same, A Senile Animal is the only one i’m really partial to, saw them a couple times around then.


We can’t agree on something ffs.

I’m changing my answer to Basses Loaded, which wasn’t a massive pile of wank or anything.


It is Stoner Witch.

Or maybe it’s Bullhead.


Yeah, that or Bullhead for me. But I will in no way claim to have listened to even 50% of their discography.


You dont need to have listened to something to have an opinion on it. It’s the principle these boards were founded on!


Top 3 for me is Hostile Ambient Takeover, Stoner Witch & Bullhead.


Houdini (although the last quarter is a bit of a slog), and Stoner Witch are my favourites.

this reminds me. I have a Houdini Melvins t shirt in the cupboard in desperate need of some stitching - i should just bin it


Think Stoner Witch edges it as the best one for me. I really like the ambient atmospheric tracks at the end of the album


I find those albums around Senile Animal a bit too straight/ metal. I like it when they’re weird but not too weird.




1 - Bullhead
2 - Stag
3 - Houdini
4 - A Senile Animal
5 - Lysol


Think my favorite is probably Lysol, but Stoner Witch runs it very close. Bullhead/Eggnog is also incredible and I have a soft spot for Houdini. Basically, anything on Boner Records or their Atlantic run.

It’s pretty much impossible to pick a best Melvins record