What's the best Neurosis album?


  • Pain of Mind (1987)
  • The Word as Law (1990)
  • Souls at Zero (1992)
  • Enemy of the Sun (1993)
  • Through Silver in Blood (1996)
  • Times of Grace (1999)
  • A Sun That Never Sets (2001)
  • The Eye of Every Storm (2004)
  • Given to the Rising (2007)
  • Honor Found in Decay (2012)
  • Fires Within Fires (2016)

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everyone will probably say Through Silver In Blood but I dunno maaaaan

This is DiS: no one is gonna say Through Silver in Blood as it’s the popular choice*

*until enough people say it’s not the best and thus it becomes the contrarian opinion to say it is in fact the best


Tough choice. On any given day it might be Through Silver in Blood, Times of Grace, or The Eye of Every Storm. Today it’s the latter.

Think I might declare next week Neurosis Week and listen to the whole discography through again. Stand by for a potential controversial late vote change.


i sorta resolved to do this as well but i really just don’t like those first two albums

That’s fair. They took a while to find themselves. I’ll try and blast through them both first thing Monday morning when I hate everything anyway.

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sun that never sets was always my favourite. I haven’t heard any in awhile though - might give a few of them a listen soon as well. agree that the first few aren’t particularly good.

I don’t think I bothered with the last few either - there was a period of time where I listened to so much ‘post-metal’ type stuff I got really sick of it. think it was a Pelican album that was the final straw.


pelican did the most damage, i think red sparowes tipped it over the line for me though.

yeah the last couple have been ok but not great. thought honor found in decay was better than the last one.


I’m the other way around. I really don’t like Honour Found in Decay, but love Fires Within Fires - especially the last two tracks (which take up about half of the running time).

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i saw em live on the HFD tour and some of those songs sounded amazing live so i warmed to it quite a bit

Ah okay, that probably makes the difference then. On record I find the HFD songs a bit one dimensional.

The bagpipes:

  • Cracking addition to any Neurosis song
  • …why?

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obviously massive koRn fans

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I’ll listen to that at some point, and report back, maybe

(I don’t want to shit on Pelican too much, they had a few things I really liked as well. I also always felt really bad for drummer and how much everyone hated him)


Through Silver In Blood is the only one I really know so…

I don’t buy it. What’s your angle?


A sun that never sets for me. Got a good balance of heavy and atmospheric stuff. Last track Stones from the sky is great aswell and was my introduction to Neurosis. I find Eye of every storm a bit too slow for me.
Through Silver in Blood - was expecting it to win this one easily as its what a lot of people say is there favourite but I think its a bit overrated. Really like purify and locust star though. Locust star is awesome when they play it live and the vocals from Dave Edwardson kick in.

heard scott kelly one time saying that they regret overdoing the samples and stuff on TSIB and it sounds too busy, i’m inclined to agree

Yeah I’m not big on the spoken samples from films that they used in this era.

Might be because the last few times I’ve put my Itunes on shuffle Rehumanize keeps coming up which is just a minute and half of talking!