When you don’t know a song is a cover and then you hear the original and it blows your mind

Yeah, Dub Be Good To Me was a white label called something weird like Invasion of the Estate Agents or something like that originally, then he realised the vocal would work. It’s on the B-side of the 7".

I don’t think it’s as simple as just calling it stealing other people’s talent, there’s quite an art to putting it all together. Mind you, you could say the same about Jive Bunny to a certain degree.

And don’t forget “Tank fly boss walk jam nitty gritty…”


Agree with this. If it was so easy, every record would be as good as You Got the Love.

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Ha, sometimes it just works!

To be clear - I’m not knocking the art of sampling in itself, which I’m a big fan of. I just think he does it in a particularly clunky way - taking massive chunks of pretty well known songs and producing a whole which is definitely not greater than the sum of its parts.

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He’s also a shit DJ.

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This is in my top 10 songs ever! Absolutely LOVE IT!!

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I could be wrong about this but my understanding is that Robert Hazard just recorded a demo and never released it or intended to - he just submitted it to the record company with the expectation/hope that someone else would record it, so might not qualify as a cover version?

But who cares about the distinction really, certainly not me

Not a quite a cover version but certainly not a sample but my flabber was agast when I heard the bit at 1m 20 of this Sweet Glam stomp-per. (Kiss all covered this but left this bit out.)

You’re right that his version was never commercially released. Don’t know whether that was his intention or just the way it worked out. It’s definitely originally written from a male point of view when you listen to his version, though.

everybody’s got to learn sometime…

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Nah, this was made in 2012 and samples the Jay Z/Alicia Keys song, they didn’t take it from this.

Me too , always goes on if I’m after some bangers. Funnily enough after I posted it it got played on 6, they cut it short to go to the news though

Got the seven inch of this recently. Beautiful song

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reading debbie harry’s autobiography, loads of songs from blondie’s early albums are covers of bands that they were mates with

Can’t think of many covers on those early albums. Just Denis and a couple on Parallel Lines.

To be honest, this is the more famous one of the two. Was the other Baby D?