WORLD CUP! day 28 - semi finals part 2

Listened to Pod Save The World this morning which had an interesting interview with Roger Bennett who isn’t someone I’m aware off (Men in Blazers podcast apparently). Interesting stuff and seems a good egg.

feels like I’m about to sit an exam or something, super duper nervy

try and be objective, which final would be more entertaining?

  • France - Croatia
  • France - England

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can’t figure it out, Croatia are the better team to watch but England more likely to nick a goal?
Sterile France win feels the most likely either way


Croatia far, far more likely to not get steamrollered


Outside of the Panama first half, can’t imagine any england games being good watch for a neutral.
Croatia haven’t been great to watch but the Argentina and Russia games were good fun


not in every game but at their best, yeah

fair - think Colombia was very entertaining, but less so for the football

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Only really because of the shambolic/hot&cold opposition though I reckon. They’d be absolutely no fun against France I think.

As I’m as old as the hills, I’m not that excited about tonight. I hope England win and I’ll enjoy them doing so.

But everyone at work, man alive, they’re in bits. They don’t know what to do with themselves with nerves. I’ve got a twenty two year old bloke who’s almost in tears at half past nine in the morning.


They faced a Belgium side who are far better than either Croatia or England and completely blunted them. Obviously anything can happen in a one off game but I’d be pretty shocked if the winner of this semi scores a goal in the final


the fact the game came down to a set piece showed any permutation in the final could be tight.
with it being the final its not going to be end to end stuff is it :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, I reckon if we get through we’d have a decent chance against France. They’re solid as fuck at the back, but not impenetrable. Kane/Sterling/Lingard/Rashford could give them a hard time if we play at pace. My biggest worry would be Mbappe repeatedly rinsing Ashley Young.


What is this to the tune of? The Conga? Rhythm is a Dancer?

World Cup semi-final. Doesn’t seem real.
I think we’ll do Croatia, just. Absolutely rooting for Sterling to get a goal


My parents live in south Wales, went to watch the Sweden game in the pub and said the atmosphere was so bleak they’re going to travel somewhere in England to watch the final should it come to it. (Not arguing that the Welsh should support England, just makes me sad because my mum seemed really miffed by it, because she always roots for Wales when they’re playing anything).


tonight will be a good test of all our team.

Can we break down a deep sitting team :man_shrugging:
will we score from open play :man_shrugging: don’t think it matters if we keep banging them in from corners like
can our defence keep their midfield quiet… I think so… with walker there we don’t really have to worry about their pace… can see any of their goals coming from out of the box or mandzukic scrambling one in.

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Corluka as centre back is making me feel a bit cheerier about things too (cos he’s old and shit).

This #waistcoatwednesday bollocks then. How many of these waistcoat wankers are you expecting to see tonight? The absolute lowest form of bants.

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removes waistcoat