World cup: the post mortem



Plus a less heralded, indie points shout for each of those


Japan - Belgium
Roy poly throw in


Indie choices:

Germany - Mexico


Yours are pretty good. I’ll just take the same but Quaresma as my goal please Carol


I didn’t think Luka Modric was the best player at the World Cup in spite of him winning the award. Wasn’t even Croatia’s best player (Perisic probs).


England vs Panama
England’s first penalty win


think pavard’s is maybe my favourite overall but I’m still a bit surprised that the beeb omitted this from goal of the tourney


Belgium vs Japan
Maradonna flipping the bird


Perisic was for the last two games but Modric started out their best


Diego Costa’s goal v Portugal was great too


Yeah I didn’t watch any Group Stage Croatia admittedly.

This tournament wasn’t really notable for a particular stand out individual though to be honest. I mean apart from Harry Maguire but everyone knows that. Hazard was reliably superb I thought.


I like this one because if Pepe hadn’t been rolling around clutching his face for no reason whatsoever he could have been there to potentially stop it and I hate Pepe.


No one has really mentioned De Bruyne. Maybe because he’s always at the same level now but thought he had a great World Cup


Pavard’s goal is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen*

*along with Courtois


Pickford’s penalty shootout save.

Batshuayi post


Varane, Kanté, Subasič, Vrsaljko, Strijnič, Modrič, Rakitič, Perisič, Trippier, Stones, Courtois, Cheryshev clearly the best players.

Some of the players i’ve heard touted are just bizarre picks - Griezmann, ffs, Pogba, even De Bruyne. Didn’t see it. Sorry.


Pogba seriously didn’t play any better or worse than he does for United for me, having watched him week in week out. Which is to say he was pretty good with a smattering of world class moments and plenty of anonymous periods. Classic fickle football pundits who apparently don’t even pay attention to the biggest players at the biggest clubs and, quite frankly, need to learn football


I like the cut of your jib.


Christian Cueva

Felipe Baloy against England

Japan 2 - Senegal 2

VAR decision for Kim Young-Gwon’s goal in the South Korea v Germany game


That moment and game was extremely good, and I’m an occasional Germany fan