WTF is Nu-Metal?


Power chords, drop tuning
Turntables / DJ
Baggy jeans
Red baseball caps


i haven’t read the other thread, but how are slipknot not nu-metal? everything about them is nu-metal. rap metal, dj/decks interlude, angry bro rage, drop tuning, angst, catchy choruses, masks… everything about them is nu-metal.


Incorrect shorts.


Which is also why Deftones are nu-metal.


I thought nu-metal had to have rapping in it to be nu-metal.


scooped mids and no solos.


Slipknot has rapping


So does Band Aid 20: Do They Know It’s Christmas.


I like them and i agree.


They started off in that category, then diverted off. The band themselves claim they were “never nu-metal” but the S/T album was a major part of the wave.


We are going to need a list for each category so we can agree with, or jeer, you.


it doesnt get much more nu metal than Chino rapping in baggy shorts in a school of teenagers with chains round their shorts


“A pair of baggy Chinos we’d say”…as it was the style at the time.


The band themselves dont get to say whether theyre nu metal or not (especially when they obviously are)


You tell that to Clown, go on, dare ya…


Ooooh i’m so scared of mr clown…

Actually clowns are fucking scary nm


those shorts with tassles that @plasticniki was looking for photos of

  • Nu-Metal
  • Probably never existed

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How dare u

If llb was here he’d back me up I reckon


Slipknot are absolutely nu-metal


Marilyn Manson bordered on it sometimes, he’s a grey area (but overall really grunge with costumes)