And another CD swap (v6) SPACE IS THE PLACE

So here we go again. Usual stuff, I won’t repeat myself it’s all in the first post here:

Theme: SPACE.

Deadline: I’ll send addresses out after I get back from my easter holiday so PM me by the end of Easter Monday if you want to take part.

It’s helpful if you could send me your address even if I’ve had it before. And please let me know if you want to swap 1,3 or 5 discs; I’ll do my best to accommodate (but may need to give you plus or minus 1 depending on numbers). If you don’t mention I’ll assume you want to swap 3 discs (which seems most popular).

As we are now on v6 there’s lots of repeat swappers. It’s been more or less random how people have been matched so far so it’s possible you may be sick of receiving (or sending) to a particular person. Or you may want to get a disc from someone based on the feedback you’ve been reading. Mention it when you send your address to me if this is the case and I’ll try to work it out (but no promises).

As always this isn’t a closed shop so if you haven’t done it before you are very welcome to join. But please only sign up if you are going to send a disc out.

In for three please, PM sent! Cheers.

Just PM’d you - in for 3 again.:+1:


not usually down for these things but i fuggin love space shit

missed the last one as 5 winter CDs was just tooo much and was a bit overwhelmed. Apologies for people I didn’t give feedback to on that, I’m a loser, your mixes were great.

So I’ll go for a conservative single disc swap of cosmic vibrations

how does the no. of CDs thing work? is it three separate mixes or just swapping three copies?

nothing stopping you doing three separate if you want but I’ve just done multiples of the same in the past

phew ok, yeah put me down for three!

oh and full disclosure, mine will be full of long boring ambient music


In for three, PM imminent.

Great, thanks Prob500. Really up for this theme & stoked for another voyage of discovery to the outer limits of everyone’s record collections.

T-30 to PM.

In for three

I’m in for three

I’m in for one. Might adopt @ericthefourth’s tactic and just put three tracks of space jazz on a disc…


oh mine’s gonna have film quotes and a concept to it and everything! but if anyone’s expecting songs with some lyrical allusions to space they might be disappointed

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I was thinking about compiling with a Units of Distance theme rather than Intergalactic Space.

classic keith!

In for three! Pm on its way

I’ve been without anything to play a cd on while we’ve been decorating but it’ll be back soon

In for three again!

Three for me please, will PM now :slight_smile: :rocket: