Arctic Monkeys


liking the Kimmel track

might take a punt on the album


Reminds me of My Morning Jacket’s “Evil Urges” more than Father John Musty


Grown on me quite a bit. More my kind’ve thing than their proper band stuff.

Good crooning


Really enjoyed this move at the end.


Given this a few more spins today and I can’t believe they’ve got away with this :grinning:


yeah it’s a legit good album imo. just peters off a bit at the end


First half has grown on me a little but it becomes a real slog in the back end. Batphone is properly rubbish and could easily have been cut out.

Love the transition form One Point Perspective to American Sports. Best bit on the album.


Love that he goes full-on Partridge at the end. Quite like the new direction. It’s by no means perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot more interesting than could be expected.


Disagree, I think Batphone (title aside) is one of the stronger tunes on the 2nd half


aye i was quite enjoying it but got properly bored towards the end


Saw them in Brooklyn last week and loved the new stuff live, especially for the varying facial expressions around me and people trying to jump up and down to the ‘FOUR STARS OUT OF FIVE’ bit.


Stuck on Suck It And See yesterday, last 4 or 5 tracks is the best run on any of their albums.


Four Out Of Five become one of my favourite songs of the year after a few listens


The album is outselling the rest of the top 20 in the charts combined at the moment. Good news in a way because it will annoy the lads, lads, lads members of their fan base even more.


I like how reactions here have gone from ‘LOL this album sounds terrible’ to a number of people saying ‘hey, it’s pretty good!’ in the space of a week


They’ve been doing this old B side from AM era live this month and it totally fits with this album; echoes, high pitched vocals, restrained guitar etc


think the last three songs are quite shit really. she looks like fun sounds like a bside, batphone doesn’t go anywhere and the last song is proper corny (hence the title i guess). like everything else though.


I like the closer but yeah She Looks Like Fun / Batphone are by far the worst songs on it.


Fair comment?


Lots of fair points there. Although I am confused at the derision of ‘beer-swilling #lads’ and their apparent hatred of the record - maybe I just haven’t seen any, but most fan reactions I’ve seen are in the more measured area of ‘Wow this is quite different, hopefully it’s a grower’ etc. The article’s right about the music press’ snobbery, though.