Bluedot 2022

cracking lineup this year, and its not on the same weekend as 2000 trees so im going to both! their website is making my eyes go funny with that terrible font and colour combo

Björk with the Halle Orchestra
Groove Armada
yer man Tim Peake
Roisin Murphy
Tangerine Dream
Ed O’Brien
BC Camplight
Anna Meredith
Pussy Riot
Melt Yourself Down
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
other stuff


Mann I wish this wasnt such an ass to get to

Tim Peake (Legends Set)


Tim ‘Ive been in space’ Peake

We’re considering this.
Went in 2018 and loved it.
It’s a pain in the butt to get to though and I resent the fact they make you pay extra for the Thursday.

I was at the first 2 Blue Dots and loved them but this line up does very little for me :frowning:




is it particularly difficult to get to? i guess its like an hour drive for us so dead easy but ive never actually been to jodrell bank so idk about the roads close to

Its a pain for people to get to in the sense I’m a Southerner without a car :smiley:

i mean you can say that about anything

Sadly they only run one coah from London that leave on Friday and the nearest train station doesn’t have busses so need to make your way from Macclesfield (probably coach from trainstation dont think there are any bus routes) not ideal.

I’m not complaining or anything, its just a shade more difficult than other festivals I attend (and that shade more difficult is a lot when your carrying lots of camping stuff) thats what people mean when they say its difficult to get there. If you’re in a location with frequent coaches it shouldn’t be any more difficult and reading on the road stuff it seems fine.

Just saying thats what people usually mean when they say its tough to get to

Its just a festival I’d really like to attend but getting people to come with the above conditions is tough :frowning:

theyre running coaches from Chester, Chorlton, Fallowfield, Liverpool, London, Macclesfield, Manchester, Sheffield, Stockport and Warrington this year, which is way more than most festivals will do. think ive only ever seen coaches from the nearest big city for most festivals

Yeah they got plenty of cities covered. I’m thinking maybe next year if I can get some of my friends drunk enough when I drop the bombshell. I’ve already committed to End of The Road and Great Escape this year and travel to Blue Dot will probably work out costing me close to £100 on top of the ticket so cant stretch that far ha.

fair enough. just surprised at people saying it was difficult to get to when i was amazed by how many options there were for coaches. id have expected coaches from manchester city centre but also having them from chorlton, fallowfield and stockport is pretty impressive, and thats before you get to the various cheshire options. i guess it’ll spread the load a lot as well so there wont be an overwhelming influx of people on the bigger coach stations

From memory, getting any of the coaches from down south on the Friday would either involve having to get a really early peak time train or a hotel overnight, in order to be on time to catch the coach. I think it was a bit easier using public transport on the Thursday, but still not easy.

Many other festivals run a shuttle from the nearest train station, but last time we went, at least, there wasn’t that option, so it would have meant getting a taxi.

I think thats a pretty good lineup, lots for me there. Not sure if we can do it as we’ve got our green man tickets now but we do have friends who live in Congleton which we could actually stay with if we wanted.

What kind of set do we expect from Bjork with an orchestra?

Roll call!

@moderators can you rebadge to this year please?

Anyone got any music recommendations for stuff lower down the bill?

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Had a shocker here :rofl: