Check this list - Radio X ‘Best of British’

Obviously some amazing tunes, but it’s not very diverse is it? Not even any women.

Who voted? A load of morons?

imagine thinking 20% of the best ever British songs were by Stereophonics


Well I for one am shocked at the lack of diversity in the consensus opinions of radio x listeners


The list is officially horse shit. No Depeche Mode or The Cure.

No surprises at all. Lists like this are easily picked apart, even Noel Gallagher nails the demographic in the article.

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Well RadioX have just lost themselves a listener!!!


I had a look last night and counted two women (Gillian Gilbert and Candida Doyle) and one black man (Gary Powell). Otherwise, it’s 100% white male.

I kinda feel sorry for the people who voted in this. Imagine being that boring.


lads! lads! lads!

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It’s bc they played kasabian early on and most of the diverse records flew out before the emergency roofers could arrive to the radio x hq


It is good to know that you can open a commercial radio station with nothing but a load of Shine compilations.



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“Well, Bands A, B & C should have been on the list a lot more, and who voted for bands X, Y & Z? And how does ____ get fewer votes than ####?”

Amusing and predictable reactions to this poll on this forum. It’s a POLL, so much like a pop chart. I expect to see a few songs that I love, a few that I dislike intensely, and quite a lot that I don’t care about one way or the other, and that’s exactly what I find. No great surprises for me here.

Hmm yeah thats sort of missing the point entirely


But he’s put it in quotes so it must be something we’ve said


I didn’t even know there was a Radio 9.


Erm, I think you’re forgetting She Bangs The Drums is on the list too??

Like literally it even says there’s a woman playing the drums on it! How much more diversity do you people want!?


What is your favourite British song of all time?

The answer is Dakota by the Stereophonics.

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No Way No Way by Vanilla was snubbed, therefore this list can be cheerfully ignored.

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Didn’t they market themselves as exclusively for men back at launch?

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