Comics Thread (Forever)


Big Image humble bundle, lots of good stuff:


Oof! Lots of good stuff in there. :+1::+1::+1:


Bitch Planet is so fucking good.


I’ve still not read any - but the GF said she quite liked it.

I love seeing Kelly Sue retweeting all the people getting NC tattoos.


I recently read the collected “Ghost Fleet”, which was fucking great! Like an 80s action film based on a trucker revenge story with a supernatural element. A bit Big Trouble In Little China, I guess.

Such a shame poor sales led it to be shortened and moved to digital only (while boring shit like Batman continues to sell ridiculous numbers).


realised i had a lot of that stuff in the last image bundle i bought but hey ho, always worth it, they are welcome to my $20


if anyone has any other recommendations from that bundle let me know

(i’ve read descender, paper girls, saga, southern bastards, don’t really like W+D or sex criminals)

so far downloaded the lemire & hickman ones, and all the Spawn ones



Rat Queens
The Fix
Ody-C (sci-fi reimagining of The Odyssey that’s interesting to look at)


Hang on, you’ve read some of those.

Who doesn’t like Sex Criminals?!


Here’s the other stuff included in that bundle that I’ve enjoyed:

Southern Bastards - brutal story in small town America, has a lot of American Football in it, but I still love it. The end of the first arc was brilliantly done.
Fuse - Police procedural set on an old space station.
Royal City - typically ace character work from Jeff Lemire

The Fix: Puerile but funny useless, dirty cop story.
Maestros: Stoner dropout becomes ruler of fantasy kingdom - way better than I thought this would be.
Monstress - epic fantasy about a woman with weird powers looking for answers (has great cats!)
Port of Earth: still not sure about this one, there’s a story there but it’s slow and a bit heavy-handed on immigration messages.

Also, you didn’t like Sex Criminals? That first volume is amazing.


Ah, just scrolled down even more:

GOD COUNTRY is ace!!


Thanks for this. Loads of stuff I’ve been meaning to catch up on.


Reading Chew at the moment and it’s great :smiley:


What do you digital comics folks read yours on? Device/app etc? I could probably do with giving paperless comics a shot due to space/cash issues.


i use Comic Zeal on iPad - you can just drag and drop any files (.cbr, .cbz, .pdf, etc) onto it - have used it for a few years now and works a charm


what’s the advantage of CBZ over PDF?


absolutely no idea



For shame! I’m heading out on my dinner break to look for a big frame in which I can display all of my signed WicDiv stuff. Through my relentless stalking of Keiron and Jamie I’ve build up a few signed printed and issues that just sit in a drawer, might as well get them on the wall. My dilemma is whether to skin the covers off the issues so they can sit in the same frame as the prints.


I really like the comic and always find it weird that they’re mates with loads of former DiSers. Totally reawakened my love for ancient mythology.


There were a bunch of old Delphi forums on which a core of people used to post, around 1997-2005 ish, mainly revolving around video games, music and comics, and which seemed to happen just at the right time for people to know and work with each other.

The Internet is amazing for finding out about mutual friends and stuff.