Cycling Thread 2.0



Neil from gcn mtb or whatever it’s called has properly smashed himself up… On a road bike

Not sure what happened - a car may have been involved. Get well soon to him :kissing_smiling_eyes:


overshot a corner and hit an oncoming car (according to one of his posts), could easily have been worse


Day 1 of my English channel to Spain cycle. Weather beautiful. No wind. 65 miles in the bag. Roscoff to Rosternen.


nice flag


I dunno, it looks a little cross.



I have flagged this post
#flagjokes #isthatevenajoke #dontcare


There’s a lot I dislike about Switzerland

but their flag’s a big plus



I’m getting saltired of your bullshit, @Japes!


For FAO of @plasticniki

Came across this account of LEL – looks fun! :grimacing::smirk:


She had a bloody support vehicle!!!

Srsly though, I can’t really imagine riding for hundred of miles in one go on no sleep. I kind of did it when we did London - Paris I think I got maybe 30 minutes sleep on the ferry but I felt like a zombie afterwards.


Is that not the done thing?

Is it a pannier wanker thing, then?


Well in the true spirit of audax, they’re meant to be unsupported events.

LEL is a bit different because the controls are pretty decent, there are showers and beds and food, and also a bag drop service. For LEL you can also pay to have a registered support vehicle which is allowed to meet you at controls. They’re not meant to meet you anywhere else, but obv they do.


It’s a horrid feeling. The last three legs of my 5 peaks ride were horrid. Dozing off whilst on the bike the bike is not fun. A lot of these ultra distance rides are completed through camaraderie and mental fortitude.


I am severely lacking in this.


Please be careful around water.


It’ll come. The more long rides you do, the easier it becomes. But there is no replacement for how tough it is getting on your bike again to ride another 250-300km after doing 700km in 3 days on 6hrs sleep.


Yeah, I know. It’s just quite funny thinking I’d like to do it when I found Tour de Luxembanter mentally hard.


First proper multi day trip though.


that sounds like hell, not for me clive!

i understand why people would wanna do it but no waaaaayyyyy do i wanna intentionally sleep deprive myself. it’s the worst


Less than 9 days. JFC.