Dark Souls thread 2.0 featuring other From games with greater or lesser enthusiasm depending (Part 1)

Thanks to the whole Souls community for making the previous thread such a great resource for useful advice and encouragement! Let’s start off with a poll

  • I’ve played Demon’s Souls before and can’t wait for the remaster
  • Played it before and not bothered about the remaster
  • Never played it before and can’t wait
  • Never played it before and not fussed

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DiS Twitch streamers:





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New thread!


I have played Demon’s Souls before and have it on my PS3 hard drive. I honestly think I’m going to hold off on the PS5 until it is smaller, but I’ll probably cave in and buy it.


Fingers crossed it’s coming to PC eventually, after they change their tune another 7 or 8 times

I wish they’d return to Armoured Core.

Never played it before, very much fussed, but will never own a platform I can play it on :sob:


New thread. New ways. Thanks to @daggers I may be set to bring him down.

really missed an opportunity to call it Dark Souls Thread Phase 2


I forgot to mention, I’d swap out the hornet ring for the estus ring, and maybe either Lloyd’s instead of that life ring

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good rolling man you’re playing really well!

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This is it now.

That was a warm up.

I’ve got him now. This time.

that’s the best I’ve seen you fight this boss. A bit more composure and I reckon you’ve got it

also I forgot to mention once your blue bar is empty you can’t use the fire buff anymore so don’t get caught out/confused right during the battle

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So freakin’ excited then.

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Composure. This time. He’ll meet his maker.

Ah man, keep an eye on your item bar, that trips everyone up don’t worry

I think I’ve got used to juggling the menu now but was slipping up big time.

I’ve grown to just flat out fight him which I know is wrong but that is so damn enjoyable.

Back soon, will pop a message when I’m streaming again.

He’s down tonight, I know I’ve been saying that for almost 2 weeks - but tonight he is definitely down.

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Back on, Twitch link up thread a little.

Time to put that stapler down G Man.

Love kicking him so much, C’MON!!

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What a fight this is. Absolutely glorious. I am going to take him down.

Played it before. Undecided about the remaster. Bloodborne decided my console fate this gen. Demon’s won’t.

While I recognise its influence in the sequels, it has always felt to me to be a prototype for DarkS which refined and improved upon it. I was interested in the Demon’s remaster until I saw the price and Sony’s complete disaster of a launch of the PS5.

The original Demon’s had a lot of potential upgrade paths but they were mostly useless because the upgrade materials needed hours of farming. Certainly interested to see if they have changed drop rates / lizard respawns.