Ed O'Brien signature Strat


even moreso with Squier yeah. my jag still buzzes like fuck cos i can’t be bothered getting it seen to. really must sort that.



Also unless you’re good at soldering it’ll be expensive enough to mod an existing instrument tbh


i wouldn’t have a fucking clue how to mod a guitar properly, the most i’ve ever done is switch out a bridge. and i love doing Ed-style effects stuff, used to do it all over my friend’s piano music.


yeah in the past signature models seemed to be about matching aesthetics so kids could pretend to be their heroes, nowadays it seems to be about allowing musicians to create new things that they and other people would find useful. Seems silly to dismiss a guitar just because it is a signature model. Also it seems to be how things were done in the early days of electric guitar, with les paul and chet atkins quite involved in the design choices of the guitars that displayed their names


good point about Les Paul. essentially the most popular signature guitar of all time!


I always wanted one of these, because I am a twat.


Headstock’s shit though.




I can never have the tone pot at 10 on a Tele, even in the neck position.


i have it at about 3/4, with the little dot pointing upwards, perfick.

don’t really like the neck pickup on my tele, sounds a bit muddy, mainly only use it for the e-bow. was a bit of a revelation discovering how gorgeous the neck pickup sounds on the jag


The Tele I gig most is this one, which has an amazing neck pickup. 3/4 sounds golden on the tone setting, rolled off even more for super mellow vibes.


that looks lovely. i just have a mexican standard. i’d almost consider changing the neck pickup but i’m mainly into teles for the bridge sound anyway.


I don’t mean to dismiss it, it just feels like an odd piece, a mismatch of name and guitar.

The low price impresses me though. I’d imagined more. I don’t know about costs of others: my point was more that people wanting an infinite sustain guitar probably don’t care about the name on them.

Equally I’m not opposed to them at Eric’s vehement level but I’d not realised the shift in emphasis @Icarus-Smicarus mentioned. 20 years back they definitely seemed to appeal to people who I guess felt like they would be better at playing if they had a much better guitar.

Being more about special ideas, like stuffing a humbucker in a Television is nice.


Best Radiohead guitar


[quote=“1101010, post:73, topic:15985, full:true”]stuffing a humbucker in a Television.

bit drastic


that’s the most 1990s guitar i’ve ever seen


the Graham Coxon signature Tele is gorgeous, nothing particularly out-there but just a really beautiful guitar


I would like to have tried one of these out, but they are recently no longer available anywhere:



Just bought it. Cheers mate.


$99 apparently https://reverb.com/news/epiphone-announces-new-99-dollars-les-paul