Electronic / IDM / Ambient / Drone listening club


Inspired by the hip-hop listening club, this is the same concept but for the broad spectrum of ‘electronic’ music. That’s a fairly unhelpful term but I imagine we’ll all have a similar frame of reference. One record per week on a Thursday because that’s currently tomorrow - PM me if you want to be involved in selections and I’ll let you know when it’s your turn. Post the album art, preferably a link to Spotify / Bandcamp (needs to be easy for those of us who don’t already own the album to listen to it legally), and some description or your history with the album / artist.

Hopefully this is fun and a way for us to discover/rediscover some wonderful music.

Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition

No interest in this or has everyone just PM’d?

Not too bothered about ambient and drone but if ‘Electronic’ covers the stuff posted in the dance mongrel thread then I’m in.


Interest has been fairly low - just two so far before you! I’m trusting it will pick up over the next couple of days. Electronic certainly extends out into that thread - focus is on albums rather than mixes but I’m all up for chatting about things in the vein of, say, Shackleton, Bicep, etc, should that be what someone wants to post.


Oh yeah, should have clarified. I mean individual artists work from that thread (including EPs/12"s?) not mixes.


I think full-lengths work best for the weekly format in terms of having stuff to dig into. But plenty of EPs are hefty enough to qualify in any case (looking at you, Autechre)


Yea, garbage is one of my favourite ever releases and has plenty to explore even if its only an ep! (Not to mention ep7 :slight_smile:)


I would definitely be up for this. As long as I can leech quietly in the corner for the opening rounds.


I’m up for this



just don’t make me choose an LP too early


I’m up for this


Definitely in for this!


Aphex TwIN


Does anybody remember the poster “jimitheexploder” from old DiS (unless you’re still here under a new name…)? He was always great with recommendations for this kind of thing…think he coined the phrase “dance mongrel” too, which I think covers the sort of stuff we’re talking about.


Yay, participants! I’ll post my first pick tomorrow, then I’ll give the next person a week’s notice for theirs. It will probably be roughly in order of sign-up unless folks have asked to wait a bit.


Are there any criteria that need to be adhered to? For example, in the hip hop thread it’s U.S. stuff only…though I wouldn’t suggest that for this one!


Was pondering this. The closest I could think of to a criteria was: would it have made sense on warp when warp was still a good label?

Of course that’s not quite right because someone like Burial or Tim Hecker or, looking backwards, Kraftwerk, doesn’t fit the Warp aesthetic exactly. But hopefully some useful guidance?


Yeah it’s tough…perhaps it is best to keep it as loose as possible.

Has Warp released much stuff on the drone side of ambient? I think I’ll shy away from recommending a drone album at first though…not everyone’s cup of tea


Yeah, drone is totally in. The Warp thing is a veeeery loose definition.

Now panicking about tomorrow’s pick!


Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll appreciate it at least :slight_smile:


My pick is drone, btw