Glastonbury 2019


this seems, um, very Glastonbury


That was my thinking re: Elton too, plus he could only do the Friday this year as he’s in Switzerland on Sat and Sun, and his tour tends to have a rest day between locations.


Bloody part-timer


Will be going for the first time since 03 after a friend got tickets. System was quite good…2 groups of 6 and one of 3…whoever gets in first buys 6 tickets for their group (plus others if in the group of 3 as we were) and then when one group is succesful try for the next. So there were 15 of us tryingand only 2 succesful but in the end 12 tickets bought. We will then all try again in the resale for the other 3 plus others like my mate that never got round to registering in time…
It is crazy that one has to go to these lengths mind you.

Very pleased…looking forward to it but in all honesty I understand why some would be ambivalent. This is not Primavera with guaranteed good weather, guaranteed strong line up, good atmosphere and a great city in the day time…if the weather is bad as it has been on 3 of my visits you need to dig deep…much of it is also on tv and BBC does a good job with that…and £250 isn’t cheap…but I think its still got a fair amount going for it…Last year when the line up was released I thought “not missing out there” - then I looked in detail and realised there is around 20-25 stages nowadays…and between all the stages I cobbled together what would have been a rather strong line up and I like the fact that you can just go to the Dub tent or one of the many dance tents and vary things up during any lulls.

Not too enamoured by the headline rumours but if The Cure are playing that would be great.


What’s getting tickets in April gonna be like Bois?




Kendrick would work, I reckon


Personally the most disappointing gig I’ve ever been to, but would agree that he fits all the criteria and his Reading & Leeds set seems to have been well-received


He’s the only contemporary artist with the commercial, cultural and critical heft. Not seen him but know a few people who saw his arena shows last year and were wowed by it. If thundercat and paak are both there they could get the gang back together, too


His Reading set was less impressive than when I’ve seen him before but yeah, he’d work.


Björk doing her Utopia set

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  • Pilton Farm burns

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(Not wanting to start a massive argument on this topic again, but I was thinking about people with the critical, commercial and cultural heft and was quite surprised when I realised that’s Björk had never got the headliner gig. Think she could be a good choice even if I was personally disappointed at APE)


Bjork would be a second stage headline surely. That or 50,000 people standing around asking their mate when she’s going to play oh so quiet


I know he’s played it plenty of times but given the venues he’s been touring over the last few years, and how consistently brilliant he is live, a nick cave headline set would probably work


I liked Utopia and was impressed by her Primavera set, but if Radiohead’s set last year was seen as difficult then… I can’t see her working at all.


I honestly think Anderson Paak could be a headliner himself in a few years.


I’ve decided that the best 3 headliners to tick all boxes next year would be Kendrick, Elton John and Rihanna


I would be staggered if Kendrick Lamar headlined Glastonbury. It’ll probably be muse, oasis, Elton…something like that.

Edit: actually if oasis reformed they’d be going straight for the megabucks so that rules out Glastonbury. Nickelback in space a good shout though I reckon.


Not enough white guitar men, sorry


Elton John ft. Matt Bellamy?


There was a rumour of a Chris Martin supergroup a few years ago. Gotta be right at some point