Le Guess Who? 2023

Looks like the first line up announcement will be later this week.


My partner is in a WhatsApp group chat with someone who was on a panel last year who’s claimed the announcement is 3pm today. :crossed_fingers:

I bought tickets after last year’s festival but I’m waiting to see the lineup before I decide whether to book accommodation or just sell them on.

autechre just announced a gig a couple weeks beforehand…

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Forest Swords dates coming soon for “early winter” apparently which would slot with this and he’s played before. Autechre too? Both curating weird stuff exclusively from the north west? Make it happen *melting face emoji

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Have you seen the accommodation prices? :grimacing:

The hotel I used last year went from £700 for 2 people to £1.2k


fucking christ. Do they still have the massive record fair in Utrecht on the same weekend?

Think so yeah.

I managed to find a cheaper hotel around the same part of town for about £400 but still not ideal

Not since the Utrecht venue cancelled on the fair organisers the night before the 2021 edition, when the stall holders had all set up. The Dutch government’s Covid rules changed that weekend, but the fair still could have gone ahead.

It’s now in ’s-Hertogenbosch.

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Bit of a victim of its own success really. The hotel costs now basically price anyone out but the most dedicated or the richest nerds. Impossible to do it at a sensible cost

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It’s a big hit that’s for certain. I was thinking of trying for Glastonbury resale but am doing this instead.

lol, fuck. wonder if it’d be cheaper to stay in Amsterdam and travel in each day… :sweat_smile:

Doesn’t look like it.


I know right? Last time I ever trust someone I’ve never met from a WhatsApp group I’m not in. :cry:


Yep, been going a long time, but just can’t afford it any longer. Used to actually go a day early as it was so cheap to stay in Utrecht.

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Stayed in a hostel with friends in about 2014, and we woke up one morning to a LGW band playing downstairs in the hostel’s lounge. Bargain

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Think I might be oot on this basis too. Said it in the Primavera thread, but it speaks volumes for inflation that I managed to do both festivals on the JSA a decade or so ago, and now as a grown up with a fairly decent job it seems unworkable.