Manchester Orchestra


New album out today and I’m pretty sure this great bunch deserve their own thread, so here is a thread for them.

In short, Manchester Orchestra: great bunch.

New album release day 28/7

I like this band gonna check this album out


YES! Bloody love Manchester Orchestra! Got a long drive down to the coast tonight so going to save this for then. Might just do the whole discography actually.

Very underrated. A great bunch o lads.


I like this band so will listen.

Terrible name though innit?


Enjoying it so far. My favourite album of theirs is Simple Math. I love it. Never really got into Cope though. Going to see them later this year. Looking forward to it.


Simple Math was the one the one album of theirs that I didn’t really gel with. Hope certainly helped argue the cause for Cope.


One of the greatest bunches if you ask me :grin:. Often find myself bingeing on their discography. Took me a while with simple math but love it now. Cope/hope definitely bring out the best in eachother and worthwhile companion pieces


Aw man, not listened to em in ages. Might have to load the ipod up.

METN was mindblowing back in the day,


Wow the album opener is stunning.


Have never been able to quite get down with these guys - something always mis-fired; over-produced, blunt-lyrics or hyper-excited arrangements.

All that to say, I’m really enjoying this one - feels so well-considered and thoughtfully arranged. A really nice indie rock (or new emo or whatever) album that would sit comfortably next to The Hotelier’s most recent one. Lovely stuff.


Never enjoyed a anything beyond the first two albums (which I still absolutely love) - willing to give this a go though.


The artwork to the new album is gorgeous


like the new album but it sounds nothing like i expected. not listened since the shake it out days


This album is so good.

Also their approach has been different to the previous albums due to their experience recording the soundtrack to Swiss army man, and also heavily in he direction of ‘Hope’ in terms of being a bit more mellow.

Some absolute bangers, and a great complete work.


It is a potential AOTY contender for me. Can’t stop listening to it


This is good.


I love the way the songs transition between each other. Really feels like it has to be enjoyed as a whole rather than dipping in and out. Can really see myself coming back to this often.


finding the production makes it a bit forgettable


yeah they’ve definitely matured as songwriters over the years but i just find it all a bit bland and overproduced. there’s SO much reverb on his voice.


Yeah, I hate this aspect. It usually would make me turn off immediately and never listen to it again but I’ve somehow managed to get past it here.