New Releases 13/04/2018


Just stuck this on. Holy hell! Think this is a keeper.


I’m really digging it. I’ve never been big all that big on the whole blackgaze thing aside from Oathbreaker/Alcest but this is just huge.


Is the Confidence Man album worth a spin, or is it just sub-CSS?


Seconding the massive thumbs up for this recco. Awesome stuff.


It’s decent but they’re never going to capture their live show, which I absolutely love.


Infact they’re probably the third best band I saw after vampillia and vmo last year


I heard them for the first time last night, live on Marc Riley’s show. What they played was really good - will investigate.


Rival Consoles - Persona, for me. Also Dr Octagon - Moosebumps, but I don’t know if that was out this or last week.


Just been to see Josh T Pearson in Rough Trade. It was excellent, he’s a funny fucker. His own review of the record is that it’s, “nowhere near as bad as people are gonna tell you.”


Good to hear. I had low expectations (didn’t like the pre-released songs much), but I’ve listened to it a couple of times today and there’s some really good stuff on it. “Loved Straight to Hell” is particularly great.


King Tuff has a new album out today which I will be listening to at some point


Loving this one. UK tour soon…and I’m 99% sure I’m somewhere else the night they’re in Bristol.


Martin John Henry from Dr Rosa has popped up out of nowhere with a new album. Ribbon On A Bough was my favourite single from a few years back, so will definitely be giving this a listen.


Didn’t even realise there was a new Young Galaxy album last week! Will have to give that a listen.


Spring Onion - I Did My Taxes For Free Online

Enjoying this a lot


That’s an amazing album title


Good innit


Yep, similarly digging with a large shovel. Thanks for reminding me to check this out. Holy Roar strikes again.


With Svalbard too. Quite a bill!


Thanks, @AtTheBorderGuy - I was struggling a little with this week’s releases, but this one, Some Evil Ways, is really lovely. Lazy journalism, perhaps, but memorable of Arab Strap. Indeed, I see from MJH’s Bandcamp page that he and Malcolm Middleton have collaborated in the past. Very nice vibe as the sun sets over the harbour, here in Sydney.