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I picked up this Gendron record on vinyl after seeing her play in Montreal in 2014 – it’s absolutely gorgeous. Nice to see it getting wider attention nearly a decade after its release.


Jolie Laide - Jolie Laide

Jolie Laide is a collaboration between Nina Nastasia and Jeff MacLeod, this album their debut as a duo. The guitar and instrumentation feels like slow surf rock or maybe spaghetti western, and then there’s a weight to Nina Nastasia’s lyrics and vocals. Nine tracks and clocking in at just 28 minutes. I think this is great.

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이민휘 Minhwi Lee - 미​래​의 고향 Hometown to Come

Korean folk singer-songwriter. This sounds really lovely, a real timeless quality timeless quality to this - some exquisitely orchestrated strings.


Spencer Zahn - Statues II

Elegant and reflective piano jazz, leaning towards fourth world ambient. Think it sounds really great.

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Woah, just had a quick listen and this sounds cool! Looking forward to diving in tomorrow…

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It’s really quite incredible imo! Strange and dense and esoteric, but at the same time, highly listenable and enjoyable and… fun! I had a proper eyes-closed headphones listen yesterday morning, and was completely blown away by it, just washed over me beautifully. Bought the digi on Bandcamp immediately. Massive rec on this one!

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Absolutely nobody, anywhere talking about this album. Bonkers. It’s sensational. Space Afrika are incredible, made some incredible music over the last few years and the collaborators make it feel like a summation, or a moment in time, of where British music on the fringes is right now. Adore it.


I’m not normally into music of this ilk, but I’m enjoying this.

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This could be shit or brilliant. Remember my cousin having this on LP years ago and some baffling choices made regarding the songs on it.

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The vocoded vocals are letting this album down for me. Annoying as I really liked Honest Labour. Maybe I’ll start not hearing them but every song with that vocode effect grates.


yeah this is a good deep dive enjoying this a lot

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I’m struggling with that as well tbh. There’s some lovely stuff on there though so hopefully I’ll get used to them

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I’m the same. Really putting me off it. Gave up half way through the album.

Olivia Louvel - doggerLANDscape

Sound art. An experimental/ambient album and an accompanying video work based on Doggerland, the land that used to stretch between today’s coast of Britain and Europe, and the artist’s search for the remnants of the submerged forest of Doggerland on the Lincolnshire coast.

Our top 3 last week were John Francis Flynn, Aesop Rock and Beirut.

What did you like this week?

  • Abigail Lapell - Lullabies
  • Ali Sethi & Nicolas Jaar - Intiha
  • André 3000 - New Blue Sun
  • Anton Slepakov / Andriy Sokolov - warнякання
  • Antony Szmierek EP
  • Beatowls - Marma
  • Big Mess - Cleaning Up With
  • Blockhead - The Aux
  • Bob Dylan
  • Bounaly - Dimanche à Bamako
  • CLSM - Infinity Shit
  • Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (Drumless)
  • Daniel Bachman - When The Roses Come Again
  • Danny Brown - Quaranta
  • Danny Daze LP
  • Dawid Tyszkowski - Mój kot zaginął i już raczej nie wróci
  • Deafheaven - Sunbather (10th Anniversary Remix / Remaster)
  • Dion Lunadon - Systems Edge
  • DJ Manny
  • Dolly Parton
  • Dressel Amorosi - Spectrum
  • Emeli Sande- How Were We To Know
  • Frog - Grog
  • Getdown Services - Crisps
  • H31R - HeadSpace
  • Hey Colossus - Live In Liege
  • Industry Standard single
  • Iron and Wine- Who Can See Forever Soundtrack
  • Jaakko Eino Kalevi - Chaos Magic
  • Johanna Warren – The Rockfield Sessions, Vol 1
  • Jolie Laide - Jolie Laide
  • Julia Reidy - Trances
  • Julie Byrne- Julie Byrne With Cry With Laugh
  • Kishi Bashi - Music from the Song Film: Omoiyari
  • Kurt Vile - Back to Moon Beach
  • Lucidvox - That​’​s What Remained
  • Löwenzahnhonig - Löwenzahnhonig
  • Matt Berry
  • Mickey Callisto EP
  • Midland EP
  • MJ Lenderman - And The Wind (Live & Loose)
  • Mo Kolours - Original Flow: Chapter One
  • Myriam Gendron - Not So Deep As A Well
  • Neil Hamburger - Seasonal Depression Suite
  • Olivia Louvel - doggerLANDscape
  • Orbiting Human Circus - Quartet Plus Two
  • Owen Pallett - Dream Scenario (Original Motion Picture Score)
  • Racetraitor
  • Rainy Miller x Space Afrika - A Grisaille Wedding
  • Real Bad Man & YOUNGMORPHEUS - The Chalice & The Blade
  • Richard Walters - Murmurate
  • Rupture // Rapture single
  • Sandunes - The Ground Beneath Her Feet
  • Sense Fracture - Landscape Of Thorns
  • Simon Farintosh - Noctuary
  • Smoke Fairies- Caried In Sound
  • Soars - Repeater
  • Spearmint - This Candle Is For You
  • Spencer Zahn - Statues II
  • Summer Pearl - outmysystem
  • Thandi Ntuli & Carlos Niño - Rainbow Revisited
  • The Black Dog - Radio Scarecrow (Remastered)
  • The Black Dog - Scarecrow Collected
  • The Blips
  • The Polyphonic Spree - Salvage Enterprise
  • Tiny Deaths - Spirit Of The Staircase
  • United Freedom Collective - Vast Oceans, Empty Skies EP
  • V/A -Searchlight Moonbeam
  • Vince Clarke - Songs of Silence
  • VÄLVĒ - Tiny Pilots
  • V​/​A - Alex from Tokyo presents Japan Vibrations Vol​.​1
  • Victoria Liedtke single
  • Willaris K - Silversun
  • Yellow Swans- Left Behind
  • boygenius feat. Ye Vagabonds - The Parting Glass
  • deary - deary EP
  • sir Was - We Can Go Anywhere From Here
  • Øyunn - Aspects
  • 이민휘 Minhwi Lee - 미​래​의 고향 Hometown to Come
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Copying Radiohead aint they