New releases March 8


Looking forward to the new Coathangers - the singles were ace


Luv a Cajun Chicken Dance


Give it time


new Helado Negro is getting great reviews
@jordan_229 he sounds a bit like gruff rhys if he was ecuadorean and more synthy and better


Thanks Shrewbie!


Never heard of her either… Pitchfork have reviewed the album today & commented on how similar her vocals sound to Trish Keenan from Broadcast. I can’t unhear this now.
Excellent album though… particularly love the closing track.


It definitely reminded me of something, perhaps that’s it. The music has a sleek, propulsive, modern feel which is a bit Broadcast too. Makes it a bit more interesting than the standard singer songwriter album.


It’s definitely looser with more emphasis on the cacophonous improv bits. Think they’re done quite artfully and the contrast they make with the songs is interesting but it gets a little chinstrokey.


E.B. The Younger - To Each His Own
Background: Eric Pulido of Midlake’s solo LP.
Review: Sounding good to me.


Hoping it grows on me, it does sound better in the context of the album to be fair. White Onions the standout for me so far


@Gert - thanks for the heads up on Howe Gelb. One of my current favourite mellow americana folky folks. Didn’t know that was out. M. Ward guesting on one track has to be a bonus …


I liked it after a few listens but really like it in the context of the album now. Cafe D’Athens probably my favourite so far. Loving all the synths.


Cafe D’Athens is so great. How should I go about getting into their older stuff? Work my way through starting from Antidotes? Any good tracks in particular? Listen to a few of their big songs here and there like Cassius and My Number but that’s it.


This, definitely. Running is such a great track


It’s excellent


Every TVZ album is so existentially crushing!


That’s so true for every TVZ album! :slight_smile:


Love Trap is an alt-country / lofi folk duo by Stefano Isaia of Moving Star Junkies and Marco Spigariol of Vermillion Sand / Krano. Two of my fav italian songrwriters at the moment.
Think a mix of Deadly Snakes, Reigning Sound and Tom Waits.


I think work your way through, antidotes is great and total life forever is probably the most similar to this one. I haven’t been as keen on the last two (holy fire and what went down) but I am very excited to hear the second release later this year now!


I don’t want to derail the thread but 100% this. These weekly threads can be quite overwhelming with the number of names/albums posted but there’s not much to motivate people to listen if you post a list, someone hasn’t heard of them and has nothing to go off. Can we try and post a blurb or even YouTube/Spotify/Bandcamp links plz? That’s all from me!