Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


Is Overcooked 2 out yet? Want to spend all night screaming at my fiancé


Yeah, it’s on the eStore already.


Did you manage any time?

Grabbed another 30 mins on my lunch break, really enjoying it, but it got quite framey and stuttery once the enemy numbers increased.


I’m looking forward to getting it, but holding off on it for a while. We’re currently playing Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime which is another great collaborative game. But as soon as that’s completed then will move on to Overcooked 2!


I finished golf story.

Kind of wish the matchplay bits were a bit harder. Was never much of a challenge to win them. Really enjoyed the silly story and the humour in it though, and liked the just hit a golf ball whenever you like thing. Good game.


No, been out and then paddling pool and then Kiki’s Delivery Service when it rained. Hopefully will get an hour later.


Dead Cells is really fucking hard!


I’m enjoying it! At first I didn’t think it was too hard, and felt like I’d gotten quite far in the level. But then I died and was back at the beginning, and the second time I didn’t last as long. Looking forward to spending more time with it


extremely satisfying when you get a ludicrous explosive damage combo going.

Beat the first boss but died shortly afterwards.

Very addictive!


Realised two hours in that if you speed run the opening level, there are treats to be had on Stage 2. Interesting mechanic…


I saw the door which told me that it locked so many minutes ago, which made me realise that quite a lot of speed would be needed to reach it. But I guess it means zooming through and missing bits also. Decisions!


simultaneously love and hate Puyo Puyo Tetris - prefer Puyo Puyo to Tetris so getting a nice chain going that the opponent simply cannot come back from is super satisfying, but the amount of times I’m just about to set one off and a garbage puyo oh so conveniently blocks my path takes the piss.

also, dunno if I just sit too far from my Switch or something but if I play two player with a joycon each, sometimes it just doesn’t work. which is annoying.

also, it’s odd how pretty much the entire voice cast seems to also be in Persona 5. weird to hear Ryuji and Morgana being nice to each other.


This but the opposite.


This Dead Cells thing is quite good, isn’t it? I’m currently on a run with a duplex bow and a good shield to parry other missiles. It’s pants, but it’s fun.

Laughed out loud when I got a Cursed Chest, too.


I’ve just completed the third level (I think). My health is a lot higher so that’s definitely helping. I’ve not properly tried any bows yet. I have some double knives and recently switched my shield for a freeze attack which is a lot more useful!


ooft roguelikes are really painful sometimes!

Great 30 minute run went through a whole new area awesome set of gear that was burning everything for loads of damage…ran up against a new boss got 90% down it’s health then it charged me and I died.


I think I’ve just had the exact same experience!


All I can think about is going back for another run though. It really feels great. It’s like someone crossed Diablo with Flashback <3


Loving this.

Made it to the first boss twice, but lost both times with them down to a sliver of health.

I know it has become a cliche for these sorts of games, but every death does feel like my fault rather than just BS videogamey RNG.


Just checking: in Dead Cells, if I die (or if I properly turn off the game/play a different Switch game) - where will I get restarted from? I’m on the fourth named section of the game now, but not entirely certain if I’ve faced any bosses along the way, and I’m a bit concerned that if I die I’ll go right back to the very beginning!