Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


This is now the Dead Cells thread.


If you die you go right to be beginning but will have new items based on your progress in other runs. This is the structure of roguelikes where each session is a ‘run’ and you get more power made available to you as you complete runs. But the maps will be different so it’ll be different to your first run.


Yeah it is enjoyable. Not made it out of the second section yet and seen no bosses. Well maybe a mini boss who gives you the vine growing shit.


So, big old SMASH Direct then. There was a leak last night suggesting that a certain character from Castlevania will be in it which is pretty huge for some.

Honestly, I’d be interested in it if it had Waluigi and Tails/Knuckles in it.


How long did people play Stardew Valley for? I’m just finishing up Spring Year 2 and running out of steam. Is there something I should keep playing for?


lots… :man_shrugging:
you friends with everyone? married with kids? been out to the desert? bottom of the mines etc?


Making friends with everyone just feels like a huge effort for little reward. Like in real life. Been trying to give Leah goat’s cheese but she’s never in her studio.

Feel like the progression in the classic Harvest Moons was a little more rewarding, but perhaps I just had more time to sink in to them then. I would like a little more information to be contained within the game, rather than feeling so reliant on the Wiki. Back in the day I’d happily just follow a GameFAQS walkthrough and get married, but I don’t have the time to look everything up.


I feel like it should remember things you’ve discovered for you. E.g. “Abby really likes pumpkins” or whatever.


Overcooked 2 is a joy. You can emote properly! You can throw food! You can still say terrible, terrible, things to your partner and cause irreparable damage to your relationship.


yeah, the main ‘aims’ after sustaining yourself/farm seems to be either getting to the bottom of the mine, going out to the desert and discovering stuff there (ill not spoiler), rebuilding the centre and building up friendships :man_shrugging:

if that’s not for you im not sure where to go


Also it has online play. DiS overcooked club?


£20 is a bit steep for me for what will basically just be an online game (Mrs Z won’t play with me :frowning: ) I’m in if it goes on sale later though.


Ahh wow, ok! At least I’m prepared for it now. Although it does mean I won’t be able to play any different games if I’m halfway through a long run, which might become frustrating - will see how it goes. I might just need to plan my gaming time more carefully!


You can quit out of the game via the pause menu at any point and resume from that exact spot! Fantastic feature.


The trick to making friends is just to make loads and loads of mayonnaise and always carry it around to give out to whoever you run into (while remembering the few folks who dislike it)

I picked it up again the other day after a bit of time off. Still in my first winter but made loads of progress in the mines and am setting up a good sprinkler situation for the coming year. I find the community centre bundles are a good thing to aim for, I’m constantly referring to the wiki to find out how to get each item. Also am getting ready to propose to Leah :heart_eyes:

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context

Excellent, that sounds like just what I need. Thanks!


The stage count in Smash is insane and the morph looks fantastic!


Bloody hell, you’re certainly getting your money’s worth with that upcoming Smash Bros.

Enjoyed every second of that Direct.


That was ace actually. I would still like to hear about some other titles in the wings, but it is very hard to gripe after that.

I’m hoping the hidden menu option is some solid single player content!

Also the side menu on the home screen had an inbox, maybe we can actually message users to invite them to a game?


So Smash Bros has 103 stages, King Karule & Simon from Castlevania added to roster