Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


They went to all that effort with the intro and ghost Luigi isn’t a thing? :frowning:

Also didn’t realise that Castlevania had a male version of Chun Li.


If you like Smash Brothers this game is like THE ULTIMATE package for sure.


On about 50 hours. On autumn II and had the same burnout, so I stopped trying to make shit loads of money off crops and focused on the community centre bundles instead, which is more enjoyable.


Awww man… The ability to use it as a Nintendo theme iPod may sell this game to me.


Also its super cool that they’ve basically remade the best Castlevania tracks for that one stage


103 stages. Simon Belmont. Dark Samus.

Sakurai is a madman.


Oh shit, that is literally a feature! I thought you were kidding :smiley:
900 Nintendo songs on the go


I would NEVER kid about something so serious!


I didn’t realize you meant ‘it literally turns the Switch into a portable music player’


oh man I think I must have been getting right into the late game in Dead Cells.

Just lost a 50 minute run :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Starting to get loads of cool sounding weapons to unlock though.

This is going to be probably 100+ hours of fun


I’ve no idea where they can go in the series from here. I had the same feeling with MK8.


The way multiplayer games are going it probably wouldn’t be the worst idea to keep the core game the same and build on it with new characters/stages and skins down the line. And just do occasional major patches to change the game up balance and feature wise


King k rool!!!


I wasn’t sure if I had come across a boss or not yet. Then I came across one and died, and so was sure.
I then did a speed run for those treats, but was ten seconds too slow! Luckily I managed it ok the next time, but I think I carried on too fast and then died soon after so didn’t even get to keep all my treats :frowning:


So Smash Ultimate looks fucking amazing. Pretty obvious there’s going to be an adventure/story mode as how else could the Monster Hunter thing be a ‘boss’. Can’t wait.


Didn’t they make some reference to ‘classic progression’ in the direct? That suggests to me more or a melee type challenge mode


I haven’t played one since Melee so I’m suitably ready.
The level of content included is absolutely mindblowing really.


Classics just always been 10 one on one fights en route to Master Hand. I’m thinking more like Subspace Emissary style story mode.


I would really like subspace type mode but I think they’d have announced it by now if it was going to be included