Nothing happening but transfers football thread


If you can’t stand the heat, please get out of the room where my takes are prepared


And will continue to be from a Croatian minimal security prison, maybe.


would never have thought of Modric as that sort, tbh. Always had the ‘head shop assistant’ look and demeanor about him.


I always see him as the guitarist from Incubus.


X Box one enthusiast


‘we’ve got an offer on crystal skull bongs in the corner if you’re interested?’


Absoloute nonsense tbf

Barely managed 20 games a season for the last couple of years and his scoring record is nowhere near Ronaldos

There’s nothing to suggest that Ronaldo still won’t be bang them in aged 36 zlat style


“seen the new gears of war, I played it until 3 and then saw a trophy telling me to go to sleep and I was like -”


He’s the best midfielder in Europe and has been for a few years


modric and kroos is such a sick midfield, it almost makes me start to like real when i watch them play, but then i see ramos, pepe or cr7 do something totally fucking obnoxious and it ruins it


He’s no N’Golo Kante/Paul Scholes, mate


can’t get into Kroos at all because he looks like someone I went to school with who now spams my fb feed with affiliate marketing pyramid scheme shit.


I’d rather have Bale tbh




You’re nonsense and you support man utd


this counts as a second insult


Jesus fucking Christ that could get out of hand


Kante is shite. There’s only modric, Kroos and pogba that are any good



Casemiro is great too