Red Dead Redemption 2


did anyone cash in on the gold bar glitch??

I haven’t had a go at it yet, i reckon i might - grafting for cash annoys me, can then lash out on all the guns and suits and pomade


I’m on chapter 4 now and have thousands in the bank, I haven’t found it hard to rack it up?


Yeah same here. Did 2 treasure map quests early and got a cushion of a few thousand and haven’t worried about money for ages.

Started Chapter 4 yesterday and my map just filled up with stuff. It went from the standard 2 to 3 people at once to like 11 icons on there! Spoilt for choice at what to do.


Yeah I think I need to move the story along now, still stuffing about in chapter 2. Got the gang treasure so I’m loaded now

Just ran into the weirdos at the pig farm, then got ate by a gator!

Riding into Saint Denis for the first time / they’ve done that well. Really jarring for country Arthur to be in the big smoke!


You get properly introduced to Saint Denis in a story mission later and I’d imagine that would be an amazing reveal - pretty sure most people like me accidentally stumbled into it and had that moment somewhat spoiled.


Yep just rolling in for no reason is a bit strange - not much to kick off, and can’t seem to pick a fight even. Pub owner can sort out his own rats for now!

Need to go back to Val and see what John is up to


Where abouts was this?


Always apprehensive about walking into those little huts. Walking into the meteorite house was a weird one.


The map is just incredible isn’t it. Rolling mountains, endless plains, the incredible bayou. Definitely feel like it’s a next level open world experience. Still only on chapter 2 because i’ll just find myself putting an hour into studying animals, or riding around and bumping into people to help.


tried robbing a train but all the passengers disappeared before i could get to them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just did the LENNY mission. So brilliant. A pisstake of Heavy rain, surely?


Yeah, it’s really nice how varied it feels - I’m still on chapter 2 as well but reckon I’ve done a fair chunk of the non-story related stuff (at least everywhere north and east of Blackwater) just from exploring - progress shows me as having done 20% of the story but 40% of the game as a whole.


I have a legendary elk pelt and… I wanna say Horn that apparently gives me 10% more income? Where do I sell these things?


Fence - sorry Trapper first


Gave my brother a shot of it on shareplay the other night - I’ve not had any interactions with really dangerous animals so far, but in the space of about 20 minutes he’d been eaten by wolves twice, chased off a cliff by wolves once and eaten by a bear.


Tried to leap over a man riding a horse whilst riding a horse and my horse didn’t quite clear him and clipped the man’s head and now I’m wanted for murder. I just want to do horse tricks and live a quiet life but OH NO apparently that’s too much to ask.


is your brother John Marston?


Yeah the lakes in the mountains, moonlight glow, fog at dusk, rainbows, dust storms, lightning and sunlight streaming through trees have all left me gobsmacked.

Started Chapter 4 last night and came across so many fantastic side quests/characters in short succession. The (5th I think) bounty hunter side quest was a really nice touching twist on the usual formula. The ‘artist’ side character in Saint Denis was wonderful and Mr Black + Mr White were a great little duo. I hid listening to them after the quest was over for a while.


Spent a good 40mins playing Mary-Beth at dominos back at camp, beat her and didn’t get an achievement so went out and hog-tied a few randoms to blow off some steam.


This thread is making me jealous at the moment as I’ve been too busy at work to play any RDR2 for over a week.