Red Dead Redemption 2


I wish there was a way of loading the game in a PG version, so no guns and shit, just let my son ride around and have fun…


PC mod in 2019/2020/2021 etc.


I think you need to just let him play it. He has to learn the ways of the west at some point.


I was riding through the bayou and the sun came over the fog and it was incredible to be essentially blinded by the weather in the game for a good two minutes. I kept riding towards it as I was intrigued by their commitment to it…then I hit a tree and a crocodile ate me. As it goes…

Also, stopped to look at a body last night…then eight guys with machetes started running at me from nowhere, it was god damn terrifying. Got away on my horse but jeez…that area and the hills to the North East sure gave me some jump scares in the depths of the forest.

I’ve started picking up the pace on my playthrough with the main story as I can feel myself meandering a bit, still enjoying it. Heard from some other peeps it loses some steam towards the final third, but still excited to see where they take this whole thing.


this happened to me way early in the game and i got killed by them, haven’t been able to find them for a rematch since


I tried looking online and aside from some brief YouTube vids (keyword: Junior Foreman), I cant find it as a location. I’m sure I was travelling back from treasure hunting at the springs up north, so perhaps look on the map where the railway line ends?


Happened to me last night and shit myself. Got dead eye on 2 but the 3rd gutted me.


ah thought that would be the case

the sheer scale of this game is remarkable. It feels like I’ve explored loads and I bet I’m 1% of the way in

tried to see if an alligator would eat anyone

it did (me)


The animation of Arthur throwing someone off his shoulders is amazing. So satisfying just lobbing them.


I suppose it’s a testament to how big this world is that after two weeks, I can’t find it on Google… there’s just so much to do.

I was working night shifts overtime this past week and took my PS4 to work - must have logged about 30 hours this week alone… feels like I’ve barely scratched the surface.


I did this one last night - I loved how the button prompts are spelt so badly wrong once Arthur is properly hammered

No great stories other than when collecting money from one of Herr Strauss’s loans. Lassoed the runaway bloke but in getting off my trusty steed to collect his debts, my horse moved and shoved his head under an oncoming train. A properly grim death… seems the game factored in the train/the bloke dying when it comes to finding the money though. I also somehow managed to get a $15 bounty in Valentine for going near the hung body at the gallows to see if I could loot it… managed to pay it off at the post office without any problems.

I’ve had a couple of funny occasions in terms of random events in Chapter 2. There’s the one with the woman being kidnapped on the back of the horse… shot the man down but couldn’t calm down the horse to get the woman off the back for some reason. It ended up running my stamina out so I was dragged belly-first across the wilderness for a good few yards. And then saved a bloke in a tree from a cougar… he thanked me for saving my life, I accidentally drew my gun so he pegged it before I could receive a reward. My honor is pretty high though regardless.

Not had too many issues with the controls other than on a few occasions… thought I’d equipped the throwing knives when going into the O’Driscoll camp but the stealthy option quickly went out the window once Arthur decided to draw his gun and shoot someone in the back. I also had the issue with the duel in Valentine where I ended up randomly shooting the guy and then had to murder the witness in the process.

I’ve also been ambushed and killed twice… I really should get off my horse and kill them all but they surround you so quickly that dead eye becomes quite useless. I will have my revenge!


I found out why I was so shit at shooting. Turned out I somehow had the little aiming dot turned off the whole time which meant I couldn’t tell what I was aiming at. It’s only taken two weeks to figure that out.


this is how my horse died too. properly shook me up.


I have real difficulty travelling around st. Denis. I think it’s cause I just want to get out of there but I’m constantly stuck between lampposts and horses twirling around in circles

Anyway this is stupid but one thing I like about this game is that it has the names like ‘Cornwall’ ‘Trelawny’ and ‘St. Den(n)is’ which all take me back to places on my childhood.


set a waypoint for outside town and switch to cinematic mode and double tap then hold X while on horseback. the horse automatically follows the red line and neatly avoids NPCs and assorted ambient crap such as wagons, lampposts, etc.


That’s a good idea. I’m gonna stay away for a while. It’s too oppressive in there.


Was thinking this yesterday when I was lobbing some knobs into a lake. Love it.


Found a funny bug last night. If you’re in a saloon that has booths (I was in Saint Denis) you can run full pelt at the people sat there and they will slowly fall backwards on the bench and just… die.

You can then loot them, and they lie there motionless as their friend opposite continues to eat their soup. No one in the bar seems to mind at all. I murdered six people doing this last night.


Had no idea you could just completely blow someone’s head off (5:20) minor Chapter 5 spoilers

There’s an absolute goldmine of glitches and bugs in the last few Highlights Reels from Kotaku too.


Looting someone without a head is hilarious, as is seeing their headless body ride off on a horse.