RIP Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)


comment on the video mentioned at the end of that story made me smile (i love moments like that with people who are on stage)

Thanks for sharing this. I saw them in 2010 or 2011 in Houston and it was a pretty similar set up, they closed with Scott singing Poke unplugged by himself in the encore, but the crowd kept messing up the “ooh ooh ooh” parts where everyone sings along. They were starting too early and Scott was just kinda going with it. I think it threw him off though because when the second verse started he didn’t immediately remember the correct line, so I belted it at the top of my lungs. Scott heard me, started singing, looked me in the eye, grinned, and nodded his thanks. I will never forget that moment. I am so sad.


His banter with the crowd was brilliant. I saw them in 2008 for God is in the TV and he, after Poke’s unplugged set, called us all “shite” at the “oohing” bits. He wasn’t wrong.

God, I’ll miss him.


In an attempt to provide some helpful information from a terrible situation, here’s a piece I’ve written:


A nice gesture regarding the Halifax Piece Hall event with Father John Misty



Over on Reddit it was suggested we should try and get a tribute night going - so we have! I’ve booked June 24th at The Harrison Pub in Kings Cross. Hopefully we’ll get some performers done and have a night celebrating Scott and his music. If you’re interested in playing or helping out let me know. If you’re interested in coming and singing along, please do! More details to come.


I’ve been listening to the ‘Owl John’ album a lot as i didn’t listen to it when it came out…‘Los Angeles, Be Kind’ is an amazing song.


Absolutely gutted, man.


Oh it sure is. Ten tonnes of silence is utterly gripping too.