Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2017 Edition

Here’s some new work by Gideon Wolf a Scotland Based producer who’s drawn comparisons to Richard Skelton, Max Richter and Rachel’s on his latest release ‘Year Zero’

The CD Version, which appears to have been some sort of limited release hand packaged deal seems to have sold out but it’s up for download on his bandcamp.


Gonna spend the next few weeks going through the good end of year lists.
Igloo’s is up and is a massive hard-to-navigate mess as per usual :slight_smile:
Really enjoying Da Mear by Blochemy which has elements of BoC, Arovane, and Proem.#

Headphone Commute lists should start later this week :heart_eyes:

Based on what was popular on this thread last year, this particular list from Headphone Commute is worth a look:

Thread’s been quiet so far but there have been some decent January releases which I would recommend.

William Basinski’s A Shadow In Time is well worth a listen. Second track is really lovely. Nothing unexpected from him really, but he pretty much always delivers.

Trypheme’s Online Dating sits more in the ambient techno genre, but we’re cool with IDM/ambient techno stuff in this thread, right? Feels more appropriate here than in the Dance Mongrel. Anyway, this is real good - kinda Warp Artificial Intelligence vibes but with 2017 production values.

Second Woman have released an inventively title EP called E/P in advance of their sophomore album due later this year. Their S/T debut last year was in my top 5 for the year, and this is more of the same. Micro-house glitchy beats like SND or Aoki Takmasa.

Finally, Mark Clifford from that Seefeel and some geezer I’ve never heard of have continued the silly titles theme with their debut as Oto Hiax called S/T. Gauzy, floating synths like you’d expect but less beat-driven than Seefeel with more of an OPN kinda structure and production. Definitely worth checking out if Seefeel is your thang.


Thanks for the tip on Oto Hiax, didn’t know Mark Clifford was up to new stuff - enjoyed the last Seefeel release (and Quique is a top ten of all time for me). Listening to some of it now and it’s very good.


You continue to be my music taste doppelganger

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New EP from the prolific 36, Tomorrow’s Explorers. I like 36 - he sounds like he hasn’t drawn inspiration from any ambient music since 1994. It’s all warm pads and layers of spacey synths :heart_eyes:

Some from me (the Monday Graveyard isn’t dead yet, just passed, if anyone was wondering).

  • Ulrich Schnaus and Jonas Monk - Passage
  • Minor Victories - Orchestral Variations
  • Lusine - Sensorimotor

Really like that Trypheme release. Central Processing Unit put out consistently good releases and this and the releases from Microlith have been my favourites- the super melodic end of what that label does.

Also recommended
Gidge- LNLNN (ambient with woodblock/murky beats ala Burial)
Naaahhh- Themes (if Arca/OPN did ambient-drone i reckon it would sound something like this)
Emptyset- Borders (level destroying bass-churning drone)

You lot tend to be really great at recommending under-the-radar stuff on Bandcamp. So any recommendations for purchases on Friday to coincide with this?

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I love Silent Season (who seem to be anti-Spotify) as a label on Bandcamp. They’ve released a string of amazing ambient techno / ambient dub records over the last few years. Highlights are:
Purl - Stillpoint
Segue - Pacifica
Seraphim Rytm - Aeterna

Segue also self-released this absolute gem which made my top 5 albums of 2014.

bvdub has released a couple of things on there under his actual name (Brock Van Wey) - Home is one of my ambient albums of the decade.

Eleven Tigers - Clouds Are Mountains should really sit in the dance mongrel thread but it is in my top 3 for the decade so far so I’m gonna include here.

And finally, Hotel Neon’s Remnants was one of last year’s better ambient albums.

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Not necessarily from this year, but some favourite bandcamp purchases of recent times include stuff by: (shoegazier end of drone, definitely songs with vague vocals) (almost choral drone in places, dark, start with Tone Poetry) (Andoya is field recordings from mics on telegraph lines, propulsive - looks like I missed a new one from last year) (one of our DiSers did this in response to Brexit, touches on many things I like, Seefeel, SOTL, etc) (light and glitchy, Fennesz-y to me anyway)

All of these have been in my end of year top 10s for their respective years.


Will check all of these out, thanks! (one of our DiSers did this in response to Brexit, touches on many things I like, Seefeel, SOTL, etc)

That’s me! :grinning: Really kind of you to to include it in your list! That’s made my day :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely check out the others.


Ha, good stuff, I forgot it was you. Even made it to my end of year mix cd I do for a friend each year. Never going to give EU up closed the cd!

Picked up a couple of things from Silent Season, including that Segue record, and Sonitus Eco ‘The Light Between Oceans’, which sounds lovely. Will be keeping an eye on their releases in future.

Cheers for the recommendations!

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Thanks man, that’s awesome to hear :grin:

Grabbed that Black Swan record. Really liked what I heard of it.

Just got Segue’s latest, myself. That label just churns out gold.

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I’ve just uploaded a new 6 track record of ambient/droney guitar and synth stuff. Figured it worth doing whilst Bandcamp were donating to the ACLU.

I’ll donate any proceeds I make to Hope Not Hate here on the UK side of things.

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Loving this album from Matt Jencik (bandcamp link here). Hypnotic drone filled with subtle changes, manages to have a bit of grit to it while also having that wonderful otherwordly vibe this type of drone can achieve so well. While large chunks of this have a light feeling to it, there’s a also wonderful low end that occasionally creeps in.

Another big plus being that none of the 10 tracks outstay their welcome either. I’d maybe like a grander ending, but it’s the first album I’ve heard this year that I’ve properly gotten into.

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