Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2019 Edition


Yeah I picked up Hotel Neon’s Context last week and postal was same as the record…


I’ve seen loads of US bands on bandcamp say that postage overseas has dramatically increased recently and apologising for it. It must be impacting on sales a lot.


It’s certainly impacting on me being able to justify buying them. Which is a shame as I’d really like a lot more ambient loveliness on vinyl.


God damn americans.




I’ve been recently obsessed with Barn Owl. Always liked them but been listening to little else this past week. Anyone else a fan?


Major major fan. Just checked back recently to see if they have anything new coming out. Didnt see anything


No I often check and they seem very quiet. Not sure if they’ve split. The 2 members release stuff separately.


That is lovely


Follow up to 2017’s brilliant ‘Phantom Brickworks’.


Enjoying the latest from Norfolk’s B R O A D S (grrrr) - nice tinkling electronica somewhere around early Warp / BoC:


Not sure this is a follow-up though; this sounds a lot more like his “Bibio” stuff, right? At least from the single Curls, which is great, don’t get me wrong!

If you want a Phantom Brickworks follow-up, he dropped this last year; Phantom Brickworks IV and V.


Well, for me, this is interesting. Seems like Royksopp are using Spotify’s single releases and a playlist to release a series of old cuts, called Lost Tapes. Two tracks on it so far.

Rising Urge is the stand out, lovely dreamy ambient. Seriously nice.


Also, really liking this aswell; Grains and Motes. Is a collaboration between Neil Cowley and Ben Lukas Boysen. Has shades of Mark Pritchard and Vangelis, with some organic sounding percussive elements. Really neat. Kinda like ambient jazz? Or something.


yup IV and V are great, was talking more in terms of a proper LP follow. Read their were tinges of 70’s ambient influences on new record. Here’s to hoping…


Cannot wait for this. Some great collaborators.


Oooooooooooo. :heart_eyes:


This is great. Hopefully a full album follows.


This was really lovely…


Ooooooft been looking forward to this but didn’t realise it was out