Rolling - Bandcamp discovery voyage

Been meaning to start this for a few weeks after some comments from the esteemed @Bamnan about the cannonisation of certain massive acts distracting from equally valid new discoveries.

So… I’m going to spend more time / money trawling bandcamp for new stuff, instead of trying to ‘complete’ my vinyl collection.

Anyone fancy joining me? I’ll post recommendations as I come across them. Please join in and post your own discoveries.

POINT OF ORDER: I release music on DISintigration state, so in the interests of transparency, will save gushing about those records for the specific thread. Other folks should feel free to though…


To get the ball rolling…

As epic as it is possible for 15 minutes of music to be. The electronic soundtrack to magnificent imaginary happenings.

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Do you read the Bandcamp Daily stuff? It’s become part of my routine at work – some wicked recommendations on there.

No - this is day 1 of the voyage, so planning to get into the daily stuff and the genre specific lists etc. Just realised whilst listening to the above EP that for someone who spends as much time as I do thinking about music, I really haven’t tapped bandcamp as a resource at all.

Any other pointers will be fully appreciated

Their best ambient pieces, best beat tapes, and “acid test” posts are essential reading for me. Started trawling thru when I was doing data entry work, and never looked back.

I’ll post up some specific album recs at some point


Ffion’s debut is dead good as well. Both nice folks as well :+1:

“as well”

This is magnificent electro. One of my faves from last year.

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My most recent purchase from there is this:

I’m useless at describing music so I’ll just c&p the blurb:

Not Passing is the debut physical release by brother / sister duo Comfort. Based in Glasgow, Comfort combine aggressively attacked live drums with industrial electronics and synths with Natalie Comfort’s raging vocal. Not Passing is brutal, honest, poetic, visceral, angry and beautiful. A critique of gender norms and societal constructs but mostly a vulnerable, powerful personal perspective from outside the majority, Not Passing presents a crucial voice. Recorded in Glasgow by Helena Celle (Anxiety / Otherworld), Not Passing is a minimalist / maximalist formation with stark, thundering drumbeats often accompanying a simple synth line or bit-crushed sample. Each track tumbles forward, powered by Natalie Comfort’s invective, sometimes painfully vulnerable and at others completely empowering.


I don’t buy a lot of music anymore, but I’m infinitely more likely to do so if it’s on bandcamp. Having said that, I still tend to use it as a place to buy / listen to artists or releases I already know about. I’m yet to fully embrace it as a music discovery site, but I’ve been dipping my toe in of late, so this thread is good timing.

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This is really good isn’t it. Vocals on the first track sort-of reminded me of FEAR by Ian Brown, but I got over it fairly quickly…

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Imagine this would be astounding live

Discovery of the week

Environmentally themed minimal house-tronica. 40 minutes of warmth.

This is a thread that looks worth following. An old but great discovery of mine is this one MODULAR | Matt Chamberlain, Viktor Krauss, and Dan Phelps | Dan Phelps

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You can try using the tag page I set up here


Good rickety post-punk from Dublin here. Discovered via the label they’re on rather than a totally random discovery admittedly

For fans of spring reverb pedals

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Really enjoying this today:

Kind of bubbly, glitchy but melodic and warm electronica. Sort of like a lo-fi Flying Lotus at some points.

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Russian “punk-gaze” anyone?

Bits of Sonic Youth/Dinosaur Jr. but also some early emo style yelled vocals and hints of shoegaze in the guitars. Digging it!


Some decent coldwave:

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