Rolling Dance Whatever 2017


New Kassem Mosse x Beatrice Dillon on Trilogy Tapes


I got the MSN Brothers and Sisters compilation, bought after it was recommended in one of the rolling dance threads on the old board I think. A most excellent purchase. The Dark Sky stuff is a particular favourite, a shame their album is so shit.


IYP is such a banger. weird that that Dark Sky album was shit, I absolutely love their EPs .


Cheers for the tip-off on that. On a similar pay-what-you-want basis, there's an Optimo Music/Optimo Trax label sampler from last year on Bandcamp if anyone is interested:


Excellent, I didn't even know Optimo had a bandcamp page. Highly recommend this:


Nice Monday treat:


Prices for these are ridiculous. Bar a handful of first release tickets it's over £30 with booking fee.


New Todd Terje LP coming, pre-empted by the remix of one of the tracks from the album.

"After the show it's the afterparty and before the album it's the remix single!


New Perc album on Perc Trax (natch)


the full Quarta 330 EP is amazing


Toss Portal sounds the more interesting to me


First new music in about 2 years on Luke Hess' magnificent Deep Labs label.


gonna throw this in here

Official release Feb 17 but pre-release now availble on bandcamp innit


Dominowe's SiyaThakatha is sounding pretty huge on first listen.

It's my first exposure to gqom, and it's making me want to check out more. Super dark, super heavy.


Royal-T, DJ Q and Flava D supergroup present UKG LP on Butterz.


The one on Hinge Finger is a bit nothing. Off Season's OK in a dirgey breakbeat sort of way, but Fuerza just sounds like something Levon Vincent would record but not bother releasing.


I really like the Off Season / Fuerza EP. Off Season sounds amazing on headphones - I imagine it would be sublime in a nightclub. Fuerza is gorgeous deep music I can listen to at home.

Toss Portal EP is class too. A lot of variety on those tracks.


That Ben UFO mix is great. He's consistently great imo.
Love that new Shackleton EP/album.
So much stuff on here that I must get round to listening too.
The recent Laurent Garnier radio show has some choice cuts, the opening electronica/jungle d&b is grand

I'm going to the Daphni/Floating Points/Gold Panda Printworks and am really looking forward to some day time raving :slight_smile:


Batu's Fact mix is excellent. Timedance are probably the most interesting label in Bristol at the moment, he's got a new 12" out on Friday too.


New Mr Mitch album on the way