Rolling Heavy Music Thread 2018


this is very good.


Really liking this album on first listen. I love the contrast betweent the rather ethereal voice of the female singer and the gruff roar of the male one. Guitars are lovely too. Very melodic witha ‘math’/ jumpy aspect to them. Nice.


yeah that is basically what happened tbh


ooft, liking this! Just preordered the vinyl!


Good work! It’s great, isn’t it?

My preorder turned up yesterday and has already been pretty busy.


Bongzilla are coming to town(s)! (Bristol on 27th June)


Speeding Ragehorn!


If you mean Rolo Tomassi then the female singer does the bulk of the gruff screaming stuff too! She has range :slight_smile:


Waaa! Amazing. I am even more impressed. It is very effective. Now that’s a band to put on my song kick list. :smiley:


Their albums have got better and better. Just need to spend more time with this one to see if it tops the darker, more aggressive previous album, Grievances. Ace live too.


More Holy Roar…


Couldn’t agree more 🖒


Do you think TWDALWBI will end up topping Grievances?

I think I need longer to make that call.


Hmm not sure, Grievances is outstanding. The new one definitely needs more time. Feels like more of a (don’t know how better to describe it) ‘one piece’. Like a Mars Volta album; you need to listen to it as a whole to get the best out of it. Whereas with Grievances I’d picked out my favourite individual tracks after 2 - 3 spins. This one is a different beast all together. Can’t wait for the whole thing to properly sink in, as I’m confident it will, already got little parts of it whirling around my head between listens… good sign


Really warming to Aftermath. First couple of times I thought it was a bit Paramore but it’s far and away better than anything they’ve ever done


Yep, I can totally see that with Grievances and Time Will Die. I wasn’t convinced Grievances would top Astraea, but gradually it did. Time Will Die could continue the trend. Alternating between it and the brilliant new Conjurer album.

The RT @ Garage gig can hurry up too.


I’ll be getting on that Conjurer album soon. Aye I was the same re Grievances vs Astraea. Really need to go back to that album (Astraea) again. Loved it so much at the time but Grievances kinda overshadowed


Yob have just announced a tour of the states with Bell Witch. Bring it to the UK lads, don’t be selfish.


That’s great


Bell Witch have just done a tour over here with Monarch so I doubt they’ll be back that soon. I’d be delighted to be wrong though.