🎉 🎟 The 2024 Big DiS Rainy Day Fund Fundraising Raffle 🎟 🎉

It appears that one of the best things about this place, the Rainy Day Fund is running low so in order to replenish the coffers, we’re going to be reviving the big DiS raffle! If you weren’t aware, Flashinglight ran a couple of these a few years ago with huge success so now I will try in vain to emulate them.

This initial thread will be based around prize donation. Once we have a good list of prizes I will announce further details of donations/tickets/entry etc and then set a date for the draw. Tickets will be a set, affordable price, and although donations above that amount are actively encouraged if you can, everyone who donates will be entered into the draw just the same.

To donate a prize, please send me a DM containing the following:

  • The name of the prize
  • A brief description
  • Quantity
  • Any restrictions eg: dietary requirements or allergies etc
  • Please also state if you’d like to remain anonymous, otherwise your username will be referenced alongside the prize when we reveal the list

These prizes can be absolutely anything you like (within obvious reason). Baked goods, write someone a song, take someone out on the piss, a nice record, interpret it however you wish. Here are the previous prize list threads for inspiration.

At some point I’ll set a deadline for these submissions so we can start the next phase.



Has helped me out so much - id oribably be homeless without it. Im gutted i cannot contribute and probably a major reason its as low as it is now :frowning:


That’s exactly why it’s there, loads of people have used this and continue to x


No pressure but I’d absolutely love someone to help me make a very basic personal professional website if that’s a possible prize.

Yeah professional services are very much encouraged. As, and I cannot stress this enough, is cake.


I wish I had some more skills to offer

I can offer extremely good (I’m told) essay feedback or peer review

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Can we pin this to the top of Social?


Good point @moderators

i’d like to get involved and offer something as a prize, nae fucking idea what right now but i’ll have a wee think and get back in touch.

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Here comes the sauce!

Excited Animation GIF by Luke Roberts


Some very good prizes in the early stages here people.

Fantastic endeavour.

Will definitely be contributing a TBC prize, got some ideas. Will confirm via DM soon.

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Funkhouser rn for organising this:


Wo, was the last one was 2019? I think I said in passing it was about a year ago. Where does the time go? I’m nearly 28.


I will have a look at what bags I’ve got made up already when I get back on Tuesday and then drop you a DM. I did think about saying I’ll make them bespoke but think I have promised and failed to that (and similar things) in the past, so I’ll only promise what I already have in. My Etsy is dead so there should be quite a bit of variety.


I’ll offer up some nudes

Of whom?

Well lets hope you get the ticket to find out


Walk on by