The Big Mix DIS CD swap v5 - Apocalypse Pow!

Are things winding down on the last one then? Are we ready for another one? Usual rules, make a CD, send a CD (or several). Give some feedback on the ones you get. I just need to know from you whether you want to swap 1, 3 or 5 CDs, and where you live (PM me your address). Any other rules and the general gist of what happens are in this thread:

Everyone is welcome (apart from) there’s always some people who sign up and then don’t send out discs and don’t acknowledge any discs they receive. I know stuff happens but please try not to be one of those people. It’s loads of fun getting lots of new music and hearing nice things about the CDs you send, it’s not fun to get nothing in return.

Theme of CD this time? It was suggested in the last thread, and I think the time is probably optimum for it before Donald gets assassinated, so let’s go with a POLITICS/THE ONCOMING APOCALYPSE idea. But if you don’t fancy that idea that’s fine, do something else. The important thing is to get involved and send a CD out.

I’ll give it a week and then start pairing people up. Over and out.

In! Don’t know if I’ll need to send you an address but I’ll check back tomorrow.

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Addresses: I’ll manage if you don’t, but even if you’ve been in before it does make my life easier if you send it to me send it again.

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I’d like a go at this, not been in before. Just the one for the time being.

In for 3 this time.
PM on the way… thanks again for organising this.

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In for 3 please!

In for an apocalyptic three please.

I’ll take three!

@prob500 I hope your quoting me in that opening post before immediately talking about those who don’t do it right wasn’t a dig. I sent all of mine out last time round! No idea why some didn’t make it. And I’m pretty sure I acknowledged every one I received.

I’m in for three again

In for 3 please dude

I’m going to try three this time I can see myself having a few different takes on this.

I sent out three and received three, but owe feedback on 2 of those, so it’s probably me…that said, I’ve only had feedback from one recipient so far. Sometimes people are just busy I guess!

I don’t have a disc drive or a CD player anymore (hence my total lack of feedback given for the last round for which I can only apologise shamefacedly).

I would however be well into making a mix and sharing it with people over mixcloud if I’m allowed…

Took me a while to work out what you were referring to - the link in my first email which lands on your post was completely random, it was just where I had the post open when I copied and pasted. I wasn’t referring to or having a dig at anyone in particular, and it most certainly wasn’t you (or funkycow) who I’m well aware put loads of effort into these swaps. It’s those who sign up and then are never heard from again. There must have been at least a handful on the last swap that this is relevant to.

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Really enjoyed the last one. I’m in.

I’m in for three please. Will pm.

Oh OK. Sorry for getting paranoid.

Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t after you!

I’m in for three please. Going to be a challenging theme I think, but then that’s half the fun.

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In for three please, thank you!

For three also