TUESDAY back to work thread

This is NOT the cycling thread.

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I think the dream is about the feeling rather than the specific situation, your brain takes a feeling and translates it into images that are familiar and don’t necessarily mean anything in themselves. Personally I was fairly good at meeting deadlines or churning essays out in a few hours depending on how you look at it, and even I realised that my dissertation was too long to be able to do it in the last week so I was more organised.

To me the theme of these types of dreams is ‘fear of not being prepared’. I am confident of dealing with situations I feel prepared for but don’t like being thrown in at the deep end. In that sense this dream and the ‘oh fuck I’m suddenly in Mogwai’ one above are basically the same.

In the dreams (and in real life), there’s a period of worry but things generally turn out okay, like nobody realises I can’t actually play guitar, or I suddenly discover that actually I can.

New office back to work > old office back to work


I have made it into work. There’s no seats with my team so I’m at the other end of the office. Can’t work out if this is good or bad.

At my folks in Leeds this week so gonna go into town in a bit and mooch about. Will probably get bored of going round the shops almost immediately and then find a pub. Any recommendations from the beer wanker set would be most welcome (I’m not from here).

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It’s ok, I took it as a joke anyway :grinning:

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Stayed up til 3:30 hoping i’d be able to sleep in late but only managed till 11. I’m no good at sleeping in anymore. Not starting work til 6. What am I gonna do for six hours?

:coffee: :fried_egg: :burrito:

alright? not at work but need to finish this essay today, flying back to Berlin this evening which will be… interesting, slightly dreading it tbh. (Oh also spent too much over the weekend)

Early @sadpunk was discovered in the 70s @plasticniki

20cm long and 5cm wide!

7.5 hours of sleep? Fucking wish, mate

you get a place to stay sorted?

I think so, but I haven’t been to see the place yet. I’ll be going “home” for now but ex is going to Bergen to see her pal Thursday - Sunday so I will have some time/space there

after being positive about it I’m starting to feel like I should just patch going back…

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well, if you will procreate


This day can FUCK OFF

Only in work today this week, as I’m on holiday with my charity from tomorrow. Fuck me, it’s dull though.

is this “that” girl or a “different” girl

pleased for you either way @Mistersteve


hey everyone

my bedroom door has stopped closing properly and Jessica has now realised that she can come in my room when I’m asleep and be a pain in the arse, so that’s what she’s doing

pretty tired.

Need to make a good impression with some people from my new job later - I need to come across all impressive and like I know what I’m doing :persevere:

ah, hope it all works out, sounds like it will be good to have a bit of space anyway