This is BOSHTY out.

One of these demos is Rivers practicing and being interrupted by a phone call with someone breaking up with him, and he takes it so fucking smoothly. Like the smoothest breakup ever.


Couple of fun punky metaly ones from 1991-92

My ‘Rivers Leaks Good’ playlist is already so extensive I have had to start a ‘Rivers Leaks BEST’ on top of it to whittle them down further

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Proto El Scorcho 1992-1993

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Everything up for sale now


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This is a great cover of The Passenger

EWBAITE years…35 hours 57 mins!!!

The EWBAITE is the demo pack to get. It’s pretty easy to source through. If you look around you can find people that have out out sorted playlists of the best stuff. There’s probably 30 plus unheard full sings on there and they sound like full Weezer tracks. Makes you wonder what the rest of the band actually does.

You can tell with the lead up to that album, he really out in a lot of time trying to make a classic sounding Weezer album. There is so many songs recorded in the 2 year window. I like the album ,but after hearing this it could have been even better. This bundle also includes all the songs from Ecce Homo which was the original next album before it was scrapped for EWBAITE which is a mix of those songs and all the cowrite songs.

White on the other hand , it seems Jake Sinclair did a great job of mining the best stuff and putting the album together. It’s seems at this point , Rivers was now over doing classoc Weezer and heading in the more PD direction. But luckily Jake won and we got the best possible album from what was available.

I’ve also downloaded the Red, Green and Black Room (Hiatus era) but haven’t worked through it all yet. Note for the super fans Red bundle has the complete Deliverance at Hand recording in it.

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2004 was an exceptionally bland time for Rivers’ songwriting. Think Make Believe is somehow actually the best album he could have put out then.


Yeah White is their best album in however long since Pinkerton, though there are a few dodgy tracks throughout. LA Girlz and Endless Bummer are top 10 Weezer tracks imo

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Wait, so Black Room is 1998-2000 and not Black Album era outtakes? I really need to get myself onto Weezer Reddit up get up to speed. Are the SS2K demos on Black / Green / included at all?

Yep Black room is in-between Pinkerton and Green , when lived in an apartment and painted all the walls back and felt sad about Pinkerton’s reception.

SS2K are not on there ,assume because they were full band demos.

quick question, (I’ve downloaded Red- Hurley, EWBAITE and Maladroit), on Rivers site it says Red, etc is 7 hrs 8 mins, but when I downloaded it, it came to 6hrs 11mins… is that the same for you?

Not sure to be honest ,I didn’t check and have since deleted a load of the files. Let me know what Maladroit one is like , that’s one of the ones I passed on. I’m either going to get that or Blue/Pink next.

I will do, once I get my head round it - I’m waiting on Weezerpedia to updates it’s Alone (Series) page - apparently a lot of Black Room / Maladroit stuff share titles? The Rivers website itself only displays the song titles if you hover the mouse over the album’s title and it’s really fiddly at that

I’d reccomend starting with the EWBAITE stuff, so many good song on there. On Reddit Weezer someone did a spread sheet of the full songs /best versions etc.


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Did you get the EWBAITE which has east coast vs West Coast 17? It has Brian and Scott singing on it but he had already removed it by the time I got round to downloading and I really want to hear it

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