What series are you into on Netflix?


Avatar is one of my favorite shows of all time. It takes a few ep’s to get going but is amazing.

I loved Castlevania but it’s quiet slow paced and really fucked up. (In the best way :smiley: )


Finished A Series of Unfortunate Events. Loved it from start to finish, thought they did a great job of adapting the books. Neil Patrick Harris looked to be having the time of his life, such an enjoyable performance to watch.


Also, just found out that the author of the books plays accordion on 69 Love Songs(!?!?)

Actually, he sounds like a GBOL:

"Handler was involved in the screenwriting process for the film Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events , but was ultimately removed from the project. He had completed eight separate drafts of the film before giving up following a change in those who were producing the film. Robert Gordon was hired to replace Handler and eventually received credit for the film’s screenplay, under Handler’s request.

Handler did submit a commentary track for the DVD version, alongside director Brad Silberling. In character as Lemony Snicket, he derides the Lemony Snicket in the film – played by Jude Law – as an impostor, as well as choosing to play accordion and sing about leeches rather than pay attention to the film. At numerous times during the track he shows great sympathy towards the Baudelaire children, and implies that he is being held captive by the director in order to do the commentary."

Edit: …nope, his Wikipedia page has more twists than his books. Got to the ‘controversies’ section and it seems he’s a bellend.


Sorry, but he’s very much the opposite!


Haha, just beat you to it!


there is a magnetic fields side project ‘the gothic archies’ about ASOUE


Probably going to word this clumsily, not trying to defend what he said as it was definitely wrong, but I don’t think he is irredeemable. When I first read about it I thought ‘racist watermelon stereotype joke yikes!’ but when I read what he said and it was not like he was making a straight forwards racist joke, it seemed to be more about ironically referencing the stereotype existence and his asking for permission to reference it, and seemed to be based on a conversation he had with the author.

I think what he said was spectacularly misjudged, but it seemed more of a case of liberal white person thinking they are in the club so could joke about these things rather that motivated out of racism, I know intent doesn’t mater and what he said still was racist but to me there are different degrees, people make mistakes and at least he acknowledged it was wrong apologies and tried to make amends.

Some stuff came out about him during the me too campaign as well, not abuse, but stuff around his jokes making women feeling uncomfortable, his response suggested he did take it onboard. My take on him is that he is definitely a flawed person, with a weird sense of humour, and he deserves criticism, but he does at least take criticism on board where as most people try and weasel there way out of it



What a load of shite.


incredible that such a shit film should be so successful due to internet hype/ word of mouth

there is literally nothing about it that hasn’t been done loads better already in other better films


I just don’t get what so many people said was great about it. There were so many things wrong with it that made it just ridiculous and it wasn’t tense or scary in the slightest.

how comes you can leave the door or window open and the thing wouldn’t just get in the window and wait for you to take your blindfold off??!


yeah it makes 0 sense really

The Mist film (which used to be on Netflix, no idea if it still is now) does the whole “people trapped together inside, unknown evil outside” thing so so much better


And a Quiet Place does the tension and restricting a sense thing a lot better too.


Can’t even watch the trailer for that cause it looks genuinely too scary for me


I’ve not seen that yet but I want to


It’s not scary in the slightest, or good either.


It’s ok you dufus, damn sight better than BB. But it is not scary but I am nails.


I don’t understand why it hasn’t had more of a backlash for being (almost literally) the same plot as The Happening*?

*also shit


I am mid-ep 5 and given up for the reason you mentioned. They are trying to tell two stories here, all good with that, but they really fail to tie them together in any kind of a cohesive way. Got a bit bored as a result.


It’s alright until you realise there’s awful CGI monsters. So boring.


For day’s I thought there was some kind of knock-off birch box scandal going round. Days.