Who has bought into the hygge hyppe, then?

oh i forgot to mention:

i have a half brother who’s Danish



Can’t believe you twats don’t know hygge. I’ve been living the hyyge lifestyle for years.

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No clue what this is bye



(body is invalid)

Say what now about my body?


Yeah. It’s not just a ‘second breakfast’ though. The idea is that everyone takes a break from work and uses the time to catch up and chat, often heading out of the office to meet friends for coffee or pastries.

Never change @marckee

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Wait, what’s that Finnish thing they had on Top Gear, about being really organised and shit?

For the record I have never heard of this and will not be posting in this thread.

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Sisu? That’s mostly for continually stoicly fighting the Russians though.

Sisu! That’s the one.

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Sisu is also required for hangovers after heroic Finnish drinking.

not ^this

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The g is also a weird gloopy throat noise that makes all the other Scandinavians mock the Danes.

Massive fucking teapot



The one currently in third was, disgustingly, the top definition until I set the record straight… BECAUSE IT’S IMPORTANT THAT URBAN DICTIONARY IS FACTUALLY CORRECT.

For fika sake.

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Just been banging on about it on Radio4. So it basicaly means almost nothing.

Was baking bread while I was listening which i reckon is pretty hygge. Got to go to sports direct in a bit which is not.

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