Who has bought into the hygge hyppe, then?

Was just in Denmark, didn’t see/hear the word once. It’s almost embarrassing how British marketers have all decided to seize upon the concept at the same time.

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if I know anything about hygge (and I certainly don’t) it’s that sports direct is the exact opposite

did they give you all mugs for christmas


This is the kind of thing I’d right be into
I go on Pinterest every day and I get magazines like Molly Makes (I think it could be from the same people that make the simple things that @colon_closed_bracket mentioned above)
I’m well into anything twee and skandi and all sorts
I read the guardian lifestyle bit only
I’m into home shit
Hygge life is right for me

I’ve never heard of this word until this thread.


Now THAT’S hygge.

(SD was a living hell. No reasonable Football boots in my boys size. Ended up with some bright yellow 50 quid monstrosities)(then we were late and hungry so went to macdonalds)(im having a very un hygge day :persevere:)

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Bbq lit. Sipping a leffe. This MUST be hygge? Ish?

I should have said that the staff couldn’t have been nicer.

They generally are in those places.

I’m hygging it big time now i think.

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They were talking about this on Saturday morning live this morning on the radio.

So it’s just being cosy? There’s a word for that: cosy


Being stood in a river and saying it’s cosy is funny though

i live there. i’m pretty happy i guess. the danish word implies alcohol consumption much more strongly than ‘cozy’ does.


Almost as embarrassing as reading @marckee’s posts in this thread. :wink:

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This led to a few domestic arguments over the weekend over who was most hygge.

“You’ve poured more wine in your glass than mine”
“Caring about that sort of thing isn’t hygge”
“If you were hygge you’d have shared it evenly”



This confirms all my prejudices

Had a whole section on Sunday Brunch about this with a sexy Danish man. PEAK HYGGE.

Sounds like what living under communism would be like. I like it a lot.