WORLD CUP! DAY FOUR - Super Sunday

1pm :tv: ITV :soccer: COSTA RICA v SERBIA

4pm :tv: BBC :soccer: GERMANY v MEXICO

7pm :tv: ITV :soccer: BRAZIL v SWITZERLAND

:costa_rica: :serbia: :de: :mexico: :brazil: :switzerland:




  • :costa_rica: Costa Rica
  • :serbia: Serbia
  • draw

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:soccer: :soccer:

  • :de: Germany
  • :mexico: Mexico
  • draw

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:soccer: :soccer: :soccer:

  • :brazil: Brazil
  • :switzerland: Switzerland
  • draw

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do we keep all today’s chat contained in this thread, or do we move OVER THERE :arrow_down: for the Serbia match?

“First half was a bit pants. Croatia were giving it some and Nigeria did score but they forgot what end. They looked like they were training, just passing it at the back and I was going ‘just kick it down and in the stringy thing at the end’”

– Mummy Twentynine, on Croatia v. Nigeria

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  • I will watch all the games today
  • I am pretending to have a life

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2/3 for me, might just catch the end of the first one.

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get her in the itv pundit corner

Tomorrow night’s gonna be a doozy. Will be England match with her. Will be primed, phone in hand to document her unique commentary style :smiley:

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Will be out on a bike ride at the start of Serbia - Costa Rica. Hopefully back for the second half

Sounds like one of those audax wankery things!

:earth_asia: :trophy: :exclamation:


Serbia - Costa Rica - Serbia

I’m ready for day 4 of the world cup


Primes in Gibraltar, Caracas. KoM points available at Mt Blanc, etc…

I’ve heard good things on the topic of football.

Off to me mams so it’s a full day of football for me!


Just cancelled cinema and told my partner I will NOT be accompanying her to visit her mother. World Cup!


How the hell… no way would I get away with that

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True commitment to Serbia there.

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