WTF is Nu-Metal?


See also: Vanilla Ice’s nu metal album #neverforget


I’m just saying that “Deftones are feelingsy” only solidifies them being Nu Metal because Nu Metal is a feelingsy as fuck genre and often gets shit for being so.

I don’t listen to them much now, but I liked these bands at the time too (except Limp Bizkit, who were always shit.)


Fair points, see your argument there. I’d say the first two albums were just metal, not enough of the nu signifiers for me: scratching, ‘break it down’, face-breaking, white people rapping, huge unfocused angst. Although they did have drop tuning, the occasional rap-esque verse and lots of shouting so hmmm.

That said, the Manics were around during Britpop but weren’t Britpop - and there was tons of crossover with their fans and Blur/Pulp etc. (probably)

Dunno, if they ever were nu-metal, they’ve grown out of it by now surely


The Manics were never nu-metal, no.



When I said ‘feelings-y’ I meant all sad and weird and trying to be deep (like the Cure), not just mad at their dads


The first two records are definitely nu metal. It’s why they got signed to Madonna’s label. Chino pretty much invented to massive trousers worn halfway down your arse thing. Engine no. 9 is an archetypal nu metal song. They had Max Cavelera doing a cameo on a rap heavy song. They grew out of it sure but you can’t retroactively separate them from all that nonsense.


Are Sepultura nu-metal?


I know you’re not saying that, but I’d be intrigued to know what genre people think they are. Also Soulfly.


Roots was one of those records like Angel Dust and RATM that inspired it all. Proto-nu metal, if you will. Unlike those bands Max really ran with it with Soulfly.

Fucking Soulfly.


Not overly familiar Sepultura’s late-90s albums, but Roots is generally considered a stab at Nu Metal.

Soulfly was pretty solidly Nu Metal from what I remember.


Now Deftones are an innovative band but even I’d have trouble justifying this


Fair point. He was definitely responsible for introducing the style to white English guys anyways. Korn were all about tracksuits - Chino started the baggy trouser thing.



I should have stayed out of this thread. I feel like Viggo Mortensen in A History of Violence, and this thread is the Ed Harris that will bring back my long suppressed nu metal past. I’ve still got a pair of tent jeans somewhere. Might break them out and listen through all my Radio Kerrang! tapes/CDs.


Can we all agree that the worst/most embarrassing thing to happen during nu-metal was this…


We can? Good.


you’re here now so might as well start posting your fave nu metal bangers imo




I really hate Incubus way more than any other supposedly ‘nu-metal’ band


Nu-Metal began when Jonathan Davis screamed “Are you ready?” in 1994.

A double-edged opening line - kudos Mr Davis.


Had forgotten about this. Jesus it’s bad.