Solo: A Star Wars Story

Due to 25th May. Seems unlikely though.

It’s going to be fucking shit, as bad as those Ewoks movies from the eighties.

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Dead Horses and How to Beat Them


why on earth wouldn’t they push it forward to the 4th
learn novelty, joy makers


I was gutted about Williams too - he’s great in Boardwalk Empire and I was looking forward to seeing him among the Solo players. I think Bettany is playing a completely new character however, he wasn’t a straight-up replacement.

Also, iirc, Lord and Miller were about 2 weeks out from completing their vision of Solo, so the project as a whole was about 80% finished in terms of live action filming. Kathleen Kennedy acted at that point so that L and M wouldn’t have to be credited (Guild rules state something like a credit must be given to anyone whom has directed like 85% of a movie - I’m running on memory here so might be wrong - and so the axe fell at the eleventh hour).

Someone get Figrin D’an and The Modal Nodes on the phone!


Do we know anything about what their version was like or why it was ditched (beyond “too much humour” right?). I’ll probably see it anyway but I’d have been a lot more excited with them at the helm.

Wow, that’s mental.

Tbf that’s the only thing I know too - that they were playing too hard and fast with improv and Disney weren’t seeing a ‘coherent film’ being brought to life.

Personally I’m glad they went, I don’t want a ‘comedy SW film’ even if it is a just a spin-off of cash-grabbing proportions.

What historical things do you think we’ll see happen in Solo - the Kessel Run? Han winning the Falcon off Lando?

Actually, just thinking about it, I bet we now have a little scene showing Han buying (or hanging) the gold dice. I’m also hoping for some excellent smuggling capers with Chewie being told to “C’mon!” as the lasers start to fly :smiley:

From reading a few things, and reading between the lines, I think their pitch was basically the Clint & Clyde films, IN SPACE! (Any Which Way You Han, as it’s been punned on throughout the internet), which would have been fine by me, if they’d pulled it off.

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Speaking of the Solo movie, the design of the old Millennium Falcon has leaked…

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I’d rather a more comedy one tbh, don’t espeically want to see things like the Kessel run actually being shown.

I’m with you - I’d rather the Kessel Run remain confined to people’s imaginations. Sadly, however, it’s one of the first things you automatically think of when considering a Young Han film and so it’ll probably be conjured.


I’d put money on it.


Hmm… I’m going to get a bit nerdy here, but the Falcon has always been a modified YT-1000f freighter, and they always had the twin ‘mandibles’.

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That corresponds with how it looks in the “fake” poster that was leaked. Loving the new (old) look

Just realised this image is on the box!

oh god is khaleesi in it?

yeah :frowning:


I can’t wait for the 6000 reply han solo thread where everyone piles in on it but @ttf loves it :smiley: