The Neptune Music Prize 2019 - Longlist

Hello everyone,

It’s time for our alternative to the Mercury Music prize. Who should be on our shortlist? Please make a short case for a record made by an act from the UK or Ireland released between June 2018 and June 2019, that would have been eligible for the Mercury Prize.

Previous lists:

Stealing Sheep - Big Wows

A smart, technicolour pop record that seems to have gone a bit under the radar. Somewhere between Metronomy and Hot Chip’s laser-focused pop with a bit of Scouse indie charm thrown in.


Szun Waves - New Hymns To Freedom

Very ntoxicating and sprawling live recorded jazz record. More in line with your Sun Ra’s than your Dave Brubeck’s and undoubtedly my favourite jazz record from last year. Very enthralling and at times quite unrelenting. Feels very distinct but touches on spiritual/devotional jazz and even elements of stuff like James Holden.

D.U.D.S - Immediate

Bit more idiosyncratic than their first album. They’ve managed to actually establish their own niche within the whole ‘‘off kilter post-punk scene’’. Every new guitar band seems to get compared to The Fall at the minute but I reckon musically, D.U.D.S. are one of the ones that evoke The Fall’s spirit the most.

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Had no idea they had a second album out. Are they still on Castle Face?

now on Opal Tapes

Du Blonde - Lung Bread for Daddy

Album of the year for me and contender for top 10 of the decade also. Seen her live 5 times on this current cycle and didn’t think that the second record could beat Welcome Back to Milk, but it completely blows it out the water. Fantastic lyrics, bound with wonderful melodies and great riffs. :+1:


Holly Herndon - Proto

Her first two albums sounded like a human trying to become a computer - somehow co-working with an AI has pushed it the other way. Stunning and unexpected harmonies abound, pinned together with sounds that, whilst verging on the side.of experimental, somehow don’t detract from the warmth. I am obsessed with this record at the moment.


Szun Waves is really very very good.

(she’s American)

Really? Thought she was British for some reason. Colour me wrong.

The Chemical Brothers - No Geography

Wall to wall bangers. No deep pseudish reasons other than it’s just really bloody great.


Kathryn Joseph - From When I Wake The Want Is

Amazed this didn’t get a Mercury nod, should be a cert for the SAY shortlist. Real growth from the debut, with some incredible close-to-the-bone songwriting. Scotland should treat her like a national treasure.


Haiku Salut - There Is No Elsewhere

Adore this album - one of my favourites of last year. Would class it as instrumental, post-rock folktronica or some combination of those words and genres. An album of glorious soundscapes that you can really lose yourself in. It works brilliantly as background music but the finer details and instrumentation are superb and you discover more on every listen. Oh, and the live show is spectacular too. Wonderful.


Self esteem - compliments please

She doesn’t need to ask for those compliments with the sleek, mature hooks that litter this gem of a record.


These New Puritans - Inside The Roae

Loved ‘Field Of Reeds’ so was unsure of this at first but it has steadily grown into my most listened to album of the year.
Bit of Talk Talk, 'Dubnobass…'era Underworld and a lot of the massively underrated Grasscut.


SOAK, Twilight Sad, James Blake, Steve Mason, W.H. Lung, Fat White Family, Chemical Brothers, Hot Chip, Skepta

You beat me to it. Incredible album.

Comet is Coming.

Massive +1s for TTS, Self Esteem, These New Puritans too.

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Petrels, Hot Chip, Madonnatron

Sauna Youth - Deaths

27 minutes of pure energy. One of the best albums of last year.