Built to Spill – Keep It Like A Secret


Just caught BtS last week for the first time and it’s got me going back through the discography. I think this is their best album. Pick your top three tracks and talk about them.

  • The Plan – 3:29
  • Center of the Universe – 2:43
  • Carry the Zero – 5:44
  • Sidewalk – 3:51
  • Bad Light – 3:22
  • Time Trap – 5:22
  • Else – 4:09
  • You Were Right – 4:45
  • Temporarily Blind – 4:48
  • Broken Chairs – 8:40

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Built to Spill – Perfect From Now On

You Were Right is my favorite on here but Carry the Zero is a perfect song, as well.


This performance was v good


“Temporarily Blind” is one of the best songs ever written and I wish there was more music like it, it’s pure perfection. I love when the build-ups finally drop into the fast part of the song and then that amazing melody and those subtle leads over it kick in. That fast section is really one of the best parts of any song ever.


Seconding that Carry the Zero is a perfect song. For some reason that squeal in the guitar solo at 1:40 is one of those great subtle moments, and the way the rhythm guitar floods back in for the next verse too. I love how that verse just keeps escalating and escalating.


I’m probably going to change my vote for the third song 50x. I have it set to “You Were Right” right now since it delivers the most consistently on the album, but the live versions of “The Plan” (especially the solo) and “Broken Chairs” are right up there.


I remember this being good, but ‘Perfect From Now On’ might be my favourite album by anyone, so I’m already on the defensive.

buuut I do wanna revisit this album :slight_smile:


Temporarily Blind is my favourite BTS song, bar none.


Carry the Zero would make my top 25 of all time

(I think Perfect From Now On is a better album though)


it comes out guns blazing. whole song is a great example of tension and release. explodes at the end with chugging riffs.

great use of harmonics

Pretty cool they closed (pre encore) with You Were Right into Carry the Zero


:heart_eyes: ‘Virginia Reel Around The Fountain’


Was cool live but lost a little magic without the background vox


Else is getting robbed here wtf.


yeah, I listened to a BtS only version recently and it was missing Calvin’s parts

so much love for that song, though. maybe the purest distillation of that Martsch guitar sound, imho. just one of those totally blissful sprawling open-road-in-summer indie rock tunes.


This and Perfect From Now On are two of the most irritating not-on-Spotify albums going


Going to go out on a limb and say There’s Nothing Wrong With Love takes the top prize over Keep It Like A Secret for me.


is this a general BtS thread or just specifically about this (great) album?


there’ll be a natural evolution, specific album thread to general BtS thread to smashing pumpkins thread


Second that Else is being robbed, and that it’s annoying that these couple of LPs are missing from spotify. Loved this LP to death back in the day on cassette.

Also BtS are so fucking good live


I saw them on their co-headline tour with Dinosaur Jr in 2010 (with Yuck supporting!). An incredible evening of extended guitar solos.