💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

White Pony ends up mid-table


This week is Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space. Some might say this was the best album released in 1997 but how good is it really?


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Best track:

  • Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
  • Come Together
  • I Think I’m In Love
  • All Of My Thoughts
  • Stay With Me
  • Electricity
  • Home Of The Brave
  • The Individual
  • Broken Heart
  • No God Only Religion
  • Cool Waves
  • Cop Shoot Cop…

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Next week’s album:

  • Love - Forever Changes
  • Four Tet - Rounds
  • Elvis Costello And The Attractions - This Year’s Model
  • Beyonce - Lemonade
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Dazzle Ships

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The only one I wasn’t really interested in from the list but I’ll give it a spin and see if my opinion rises from a Partridge Shrug.

I like it a lot but I too was hoping for Tubular Bells

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A thing of beauty from start to finish.

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Good, but overrated - 7


Really great. Incredibly strong opening three tracks, then the push/pull ebb/flow thing from the run of Stay With Me to No God Only Religion is one of the best examples I can think of where the sequencing of the tracks elevates them beyond the sum of their parts. Then it finishes on Cop Shoot Cop which is the correct way for an album as deliberately bombastic as this to end.

Maximalism done right.


I think it never recovered from that packaging. The whole thing seemed so incredible when I saw it in the shops.

Then I heard a track and it just sounded like 3rd album Verve, just very much ‘a guitar band’ and in my head I’d been expecting something as unique and inspiring as the package.

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Bit harsh on J Spaceman comparing them to the Verve, especially given his girlfriend Kate Radley leaving him and the band for Richard Ashcroft!

  1. A spectacle. One hell of a statement piece, executed perfectly. Cracking.

The title track is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard, particularly the slightly extended version with the full Elvis lift in it. A lullaby of devotion, it always moves me hugely, one of the all time great album openers too. Come Together is the perfect follow up rudely crashing in with it’s massive gospel grind and Broken Heart is absolutely gorgeous, those strings. I’m not sure the rest of the album has too much more for me but that’s three incredible songs.


extremely good, 8/10

the opening minute or two of I Think I’m In Love is gorge


3rd album Verve. First two Verve albums are absolutely incredible


Probably time to have another listen then because at no point have Spiritualized sounded anything like The Verve…


Somehow managed to never hear even though it was one of those albums that seemed everywhere whilst I was at uni.

Is there any connection with The Verve because I always basically thought they were the same band for some reason.

Yep, see my post a few up there^ Kate Radley was J Spacemans girlfriend and in the band. She left him and the band and is still with Richard Ashcroft I think. Not sure on the timing of it all though…

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Ah right!

Did they tour together/get lumped together as some sort of scene by the music press?

I still have very vivid memories of buying the cd the week it came out and wishing I had enough money to buy two copies so I could keep one as I didn’t want to have to burst the pill packet to actually listen to it.

Went to see them twice in London and Manchester when they did the “don’t look back…” tour of the album in 2009 with the full gospel choir and it was absolutely incredible.

10/10 even though “the individual” is absolute pish

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only by Theo :grinning:

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